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Hyperdouraku – The Tacticool Luger


In the same vein of that Tacticool C96 Mauser from a couple years back, someone (based on the grip texture and desert colorway likely the same someone as the C96) has done a similar job on an airsoft Luger P08. I love this one especially because the mini red dot is situated on the cocking mechanism. I also appreciate the integrated standoff spikes built into the frame, in front of the barrel.


Check it out here: www.hyperdouraku.com/contest15/a087

2 Responses to “Hyperdouraku – The Tacticool Luger”

  1. Craig says:

    Would be great if someone made this on a real Luger. Looks awesome.

  2. Eric says:

    Craig. no that is just a monstrosity if you do it to real luger. it will be crime against all firearm if you destroy such beauty like that to real guns….

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