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New ClimateCase Protects Smartphones From Temperature Extremes

(Newbury Park, California) – It’s a new product that can prevent a cellphone issue that almost everyone has faced at one time or another. After just 15 minutes below 32°F or above 95°F a cellphone may shut down completely to protect itself leaving you vulnerable and out of touch. The ClimateCase has been launched to address that issue by providing protection for smartphones from overheating and freezing.

ClimateCase’s multi-layered neoprene insulation provides thermal protection for smartphones. The patent pending technology will prevent any smartphone from overheating in extremely hot conditions and from freezing in extremely cold conditions.

“Prolonged exposure to harsh temperatures can permanently damage smartphones and its internal battery,” said ClimateCase’s CEO Lisa Lambert. “With the ClimateCase, there is no need to take the risk.”

Simply place the cell phone inside a refrigerator-cooled or microwave-warmed ClimateCase before encountering extremely hot or cold weather. Or if a phone suddenly stops working, ClimateCase can quickly restore it to its optimal temperature in less than 60 seconds.

“A few years back I took my 13-year-old twins to Arizona for a vacation,” says Lambert. “Within minutes of getting set up at the pool, everyone’s phones started overheating. We spent most of the day walking back and forth from the pool to our hotel room to cool down our phones. We even put them in the mini-fridge to speed up the cooling process. I thought, we CAN’T be the only people dealing with this issue. What if we had some type of pouch that would keep your phone cool? And from there, the ClimateCase was born.”

ClimateCase also protects smartphones against accidental drops which is the number one cause of cell phone damage. ClimateCase is machine washable and fits most cell phone brands and models and is available in multiple colors: charcoal, pink, orange, camouflage and floral.

This video details the use and benefits of the ClimateCase:

ClimateCase sells for $34.99 and is available at:






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