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Ion Productions, Maker of The XM42 Personal Flamethrower, Has Closed Their Doors

The Ion Productions Team, makers of the XM42 series personal flamethrowers, has officially ceased business, citing financial difficulty, among other issues. They are going so far as to state that they have no inventory or means to fulfill standing orders, and recommend that those with pending orders file a dispute with their financial institutions. Additionally, according to Ion Productions, all remaining physical assets and the IP for the XM42 are now owned by Roughrider Arms, better known as Prepper Gun Shop, who served as the exclusive distributor for the XM42 line from 2016 until Ion’s closure. Our condolences go out to the Ion Productions team, and we wish them luck on their future endeavors.

A timeline of the history of Ion Productions, including the events leading up to their closure, can be read on their website, via the link below:



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