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Evil Dead 4k Restoration Limited Theatrical Event Schedule Revealed

Grindhouse Releasing has revealed the initial round of dates for the Evil Dead 4k Restoration. As expected, it’s a mix of small arthouse theaters and conventions around North America, principally the US. Showings are scheduled through December, and are at a pretty wide variety of locations, so chances are decent you’ll be able to find a showing within a reasonable distance. What constitutes “reasonable” might depend on how much of an Evil Dead fan you are; luckily for me there are multiple showings extremely close by through October, and I’ve already got my ticket!

As a reminder, this is a 4k restoration of the original ‘Evil Dead’, with the restoration done from the original 16mm print – and in close collaboration with original director Sam Raimi. The release will also feature a brand new 5.1 surround sound mix, and a completely reimagined soundtrack by original composer Joseph LoDuca.

You can check out the full list at: http://grindhousereleasing.com/?p=1123


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