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CRKT – Knife Maintenance Tool

CRKT’s new Knife Maintenance Tool is designed as a compact yet functional tool for knife maintenance that can be stowed on one’s keychain or in a pack. Featuring a body/handle made of glass-filled nylon, the Knife Maintenance Tool comes with both a tungsten carbide field sharpener and ceramic honing edge. Two sizes of TORX heads – T6 and T8 – allow for securing of fasteners found on many common knives, as does an included flat head screwdriver. The Kinfe Maintenance Tool also has a bottle opener, just in case you need to pry open a food can, or pop open a cold one.



One Response to “CRKT – Knife Maintenance Tool”

  1. Pete says:

    Bought an item from this company before,total garbage quality.as much as I like this I wouldn’t trust it.

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