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What started as a small homeschool project for the basics of business development turned into Warbricks.com, a business selling high-quality, European-made military vehicle construction sets.

The sets are manufactured by Cobi, a Polish toy manufacturer which offers LEGO-like, brick construction sets. Cobi sets are largely based on authentic military vehicles, including tanks, planes, and ships, although they’ve also received licensing for some major passenger vehicle manufacturers, Boeing, and even Doctor Who. Plus, Cobi sets are fully-compatible with brick constructor pieces from other brands, so you’ll be able to use the parts from these sets in other builds.

In addition to selling the Cobi sets, Warbricks.com also provides a brief history of the actual vehicle the set is based on, detailed on each product page.

So, if you’re looking to add a few historic vehicle construction sets to your toy collection, or just have an appreciation for vintage military vehicles, then you may want to give Warbricks.com a look see.


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  1. phlegm says:

    My boys have about 8 of the Cobi tanks. Build quality is 8/10 – some small issues, but not insurmountable with regular Legos at hand.

    Some can be delicate if they are meant to be played with, but good overall.

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