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Flash Gordon – 4k Restoration

French film production and distribution company StudioCanal, which late last year released 4k restorations of some of John Carpenter’s most iconic films, is adding the cult classic Flash Gordon to their 4k restoration offerings. No word on a theatrical release for this one, however like the previously mentioned Carpenter films, the Flash Gordon 4K restoration is receiving its own 4K UHD Collector’s Edition set:

As you can tell from the picture alone, this set comes loaded to the brim with add-ins, including:

● Bonus Blu-Ray Disc of LIFE AFTER FLASH
● Soundtrack
● 32 page booklet
● 16 page Titan mini book (The Story of Flash Gordon)
● Reproduced booklet of the first strip of original comic books
● Poster of original artwork

In addition to a copy of the movie, commentary tracks, documentaries, ect.

It is currently available for pre-order from Amazon.uk, but unfortunately will not ship to the States, so you’ll need to find friends in Transatlantic places, or find another way to get a copy imported if you’re on this side of the pond.


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  1. Toby Melville says:

    That is legit!

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