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Automatic Gel Ball Blaster

For when BBs are just a bit too hard hitting, and NERF darts lose their appeal, you may want to take a look at one of the myriad “Gel Ball Blasters” available on Amazon. Designed to shoot 7-8mm hydrated gel balls, these blasters are generally modeled after real-steel weapons; this particular one takes design cues from the Steyr TMP / B&T MP9. Feeding from a gravity-fed hopper, this blaster is capable of full-auto fire with a rate 350 balls per minute, and can shoot distances of up to 65 feet. The onboard 1200mAh battery recharges via USB, and can support up to 4 hours of continuous use on a 1-2 hour charge. And for those of us who are more environmentally and price conscious, the gel balls are reportedly made of non-toxic materials and fully-evaporate after breaking apart, and 20k additional balls can be had for around $7.


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