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RAP4 – M79 Paintball Grenade Launcher

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

M79 Paintball Grenade Launcher

The M79 Paintball Grenade Launcher is made of metal with wooden furniture. It is designed to fire grenade shells that are designed to fire 6mm paintballs, .43 caliber paintballs, and .68 caliber paintballs. Additionally, a NERF Vortex Rocket can be loaded with a grenade cartridge to function as an anti-vehicle and anti-structure projectile.


OR Summer Market – Paintball Masks

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

photo 2

These paintball masks were spotted at OR Summer Market. Modeled after characters such as The Joker from ‘The Dark Knight’ and the T-800 from ‘The Terminator’ series, the masks currently do not have a North American distributor.

photo 1

RAP4 – Breda M37 Replica Paintball Gun

Friday, July 18th, 2014


MAP4 offers a replica of the Breda M37 heavy machine gun used during WWII. Build around an Airgun Designs Automag RT Pro paintgun, the Breda features a Q-Loader automatic paintball feed system, Smart Parts All-American barrel, and a custom electronic trigger that can fire in semi, 3-shot, and full auto modes. Over 50″ long, the complete gun weighs over 30 lbs.

Each gun is made-to-order, with an approximate delivery time of 4 weeks.


Tippmann – Tactical Compact Rifle

Monday, March 3rd, 2014


Tippmann’s new TCR is a magfed paintball marker with a three magazine system, two air sources, a modular design, and the ability to convert into a standard hopper feed marker. Built upon the TiPX platform, the TCR can utilize three magazine types: the Tru-Feed 7-Ball mag, the Tru-Feed 12-Ball extended mag, and the 20-round Zetamag. The unique, easy access cam-locking system for 12g CO2 cartridges allows for ambidextrous one-handed loading.

The compact design of the TCR features four Picatinny rails, folding front and rear sights, a folding vertical front grip, and an 11″ barrel. This modular design also features a modular stock for future upgrades to an air-in-stock design.

Finally, the TCR can be converted to use a standard hopper feed for non-magfed play. A new TCR comes with a 7-Ball and 12-Bal magazine and will be available later this year.


Valken – V-TAC Headwrap

Sunday, February 23rd, 2014


Valken’s V-TAC Headwrap is made from moisture-wicking material with a breathable mesh liner. The headwrap also features a sweat absorption panel with padding, and a full-length tie in the back for adjustment.

The Valken website features the Headwrap in Marpat, Black, Tiger Stripe, and Woodland, although various vendors seem to be selling it in V-Cam (read: MultiCam) as well.



MILSIG K-Series MK3 ELITE HP Custom Paintball Marker

Thursday, September 19th, 2013


The MILSIG ELITE HP Custom is based on MILSIM’s ELITE PRO K-series markers. It comes equipped with a 552 holosight for rapid target acquisition and a CNC machined rail interface system. Additional standard parts include the 13CI HPA carbine stock and 13CI refillable HPA cylinder with regulator. Also included is one 20 round magazine, magazine feed kit, hopper feed kit, barrel cover, and mini tool kit.


STRIKELOADER – Paintball Backpack Loader

Monday, August 26th, 2013

The STRIKELOADER is a battery operated backpack feed system designed for paintball markers currently up for funding on RocketHub. It completely replaces the hopper with a hose that feeds paintballs at a rate of 42bps (balls/sec). It has a total capacity of 1200 paintballs and a rechargable battery that last for over 10,000 paintballs. The STRIKELOADER is shatter-proof, waterproof, and can be customized with add-on camouflage neoprene covers for the pack and hose to let the user adapt the camo pattern of their choice. The bottom of the unit can be configured so the hose exit is to either the left or right. It uses a belt system standard as a carry option, although a MOLLE/PALS adapter will be made available for attachment to a tactical vest. Additional accessories will include: gas bottle holder to clip onto the side of the loader, car battery charger, spare hose, spare hose bag, adapters for magazine-fed markers, and an LCD adapter that displays information including remaining amount of paintballs, current charge, and other information.


Airow Gun

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

Airow Gun

Airow Gun is an accessory designed for most compound and recurve bows that allows for the use of paintball and .22 pellet projectiles. A simple conversion kit allows for the user to switch between the two projectile types, with additional accessories including a weaver rail scope mount and air chamber shield. Available paired with a Diamond Archery Edge compound bow or as a stand-alone accessory, in standard black or camouflage finish.


Armourgeddon Tank Paintball

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

Armourgeddon is a company based in based Leicestershire, England that deals in paintball matches using a fleet of British tanks, specifically the FV432 Armored Personnel Carrier. After an introductory training session, teams of three battle it out tank-to-tank on an old WWII bombing range. Now, this isn’t the only activity the company specializes in (they also have, among other things, air rifle shooting, archery, hovercraft, and standard woodland paintball games), it just happens to be the most unique.

Hat Tip: Dude!!! I Want That… – APC Tank Paintball Battle


Koei Infantry Mask

Friday, March 30th, 2012

There’s a new style of Airsoft mask available to protect that pretty face. It looks pretty cool, if you’re going for the Man In The Iron Mask or Samurai look (or just have a dungeon fetish). I can definitely see this being something guys paint up in cammie patterns or something intimidating.

Now if they’d just make one that would provide true ballistic protection we’d be good to go. The Koei Tactical Infantry Face Shield comes in black or tan. It will fit most helmets and goggle styles and is rated to withstand up to 650fps bb impact at “standard distance” (whatever that is).

You can find the mask here.

More fun to look at, but possibly less effective.

ANME 2012 – Tippmann Officially Licensed U.S. Army Paintball Markers

Monday, January 16th, 2012


At this year’s Army Navy Military Expo, Tippmann Sports has on display their line of officially licensed U.S. Army paintball markers and accessories. Shown above in descending order are the:

Project Salvo Tactical Edition

– .68 caliber marker
– AR15 style 6 position collapsible and folding stock
– AR15 style shroud with picatinny rails
– 11″ quick thread barrel
– Removable and adjustable front and rear sights
– All aluminum die cast receiver
– Stainless steel gasline
– High performance in-line bolt system
– Quick release feeder elbow

Alpha Black Tactical Edition

– .68 caliber marker
– M16 style 6 position collapsible stock
– M16 style shroud w/ built-in sight
– 11″ quick thread barrel
– All aluminum die cast receiver w/ built-in carry handle
– Stainless steel gasline
– Wide range velocity adjustment screw
– Magazine w/ built-in tool storage


– .68 caliber marker
– 8 1/2″ quick thread barrel
– High performance in-line bolt system
– All aluminum die cast receiver
– Stainless steel gasline
– Four picatinny rails
– Built-in sights
– Built-in foregrip

Alpha Black with Official U.S. Army Camo Tactical Edition

– Same as Alpha Black model, but with Camo finish instead of black

Each marker comes with a bonus training manual on teamwork and strategy.

For more info on these products and others, visit Tippmann.com.

Porter Robinson – Spitfire

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

This music video for ‘Spitfire’ by Porter Robinson features two opposing teams slinging paintballs at each other, slow motion sequences throughout, a referee with a dog named “la p00ch”, and visual effects that make it look like a multiplayer video game. Most impressively, it was shot in just one take.

Master Blaster (Slow Mo Paintball SHOTGUN)

Saturday, July 16th, 2011

This video by Youtuber ‘CorridorDigital‘ shows the almighty power of a potato cannon that shoots paintballs, in slow-motion, courtesy of a high-speed camera. That disarm move near the end was pretty slick, too.

Tiberius Arms T4 Rifle

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

At first glance this looks more like a SBR than a paintball gun, but it most definitely is the latter. The Tiberius Arms T4 Rifle comes with two 14 round magazines, which accept Tiberius’ proprietary First Strike round, a bullet-like paintball. It features billet machined upper and lower receivers, a monolithic rail platform, functional charging handle, tri-rail riser mount with 4 side rails, and both remote air and hopper adapters. The T4 also comes equipped with a 4×32 dual illuminated scope, low-profile bipod, and a collapsible AR-15/M4 style stock.

Tiberius Arms

PaintballX3 Magazine

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

PaintballX3 Magazine is a free online magazine read by tens of thousands of players around the world. It provides the latest news on anything paintball, from video games to tournaments and everything in between. You can read it at www.paintballx3.com.