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Sunday, December 1st, 2013


STRIKELOADER – Paintball Backpack Loader

Monday, August 26th, 2013

The STRIKELOADER is a battery operated backpack feed system designed for paintball markers currently up for funding on RocketHub. It completely replaces the hopper with a hose that feeds paintballs at a rate of 42bps (balls/sec). It has a total capacity of 1200 paintballs and a rechargable battery that last for over 10,000 paintballs. The STRIKELOADER is shatter-proof, waterproof, and can be customized with add-on camouflage neoprene covers for the pack and hose to let the user adapt the camo pattern of their choice. The bottom of the unit can be configured so the hose exit is to either the left or right. It uses a belt system standard as a carry option, although a MOLLE/PALS adapter will be made available for attachment to a tactical vest. Additional accessories will include: gas bottle holder to clip onto the side of the loader, car battery charger, spare hose, spare hose bag, adapters for magazine-fed markers, and an LCD adapter that displays information including remaining amount of paintballs, current charge, and other information.


Spira Duck Dynasty Camouflage Shoe

Friday, August 23rd, 2013


Spira and Duck Dynasty have partnered up to create officially licensed Duck Dynasty camouflage shoes. The shoes are based on Spira’s Stinger XLT performance shoe which features WaveSpring technology. They’re currently up for croudfunding on RocketHub, where they’ve already exceed their initial $100,000 goal. It’s also implied that only through RocketHub that the featured versions of these shoes can be obtained; they’re billed as limited edition. What’s really cool about the funding, however is that by exceeding the funding goal, A&E is donating $20,000 to America’s VetDogs, an organization that provides service dogs for disabled veterans and active duty personnel.