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SHOT Show 2012 – Defenses Tactiques Specialisees

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

DTS is one of the first companies who’s products I wrote about, so I had a personal obligation to see what they had to offer at this year’s SHOT Show. It turns out they’ve added more than a few new items to their line of training weaponry, including a butcher knife, kitchen knife, fireplace poker, and two color variants of a campfire hatchet, in brown and red. Additionally, they’ve finalized the design for the broken wine bottle from the prototype seen last year.

DTS Tools are designed to mimic many of the improvised weapons that LEOs can possibly face in the line of duty. They are built with a polymer insert designed to minimize impact and enhance safety and are surrounded by a lightweight, high quality, impact resistant rubber exterior, rated for temperatures ranging from -13F to 125F.


dtstools.ca – English site