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Glock Extends Pre-Registration For Glock ID

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Due to exceeding the original 10,000 pre-registration limit placed on early access to Glock ID, a soon-to-be-launched Glock online community, Glock has extended the number of pre-registrant slots to 20,000. Benefits for pre-registering include gaining early access to the site, the adoption of the ‘Early Adopter Patch’, which is a reward that counts as points towards your Glock ID profile, and a chance to have the Gunny himself, R. Lee Ermey, record a voicemail message for you.

Glock ID offers the following for those who join the site: a virtual gun safe to keep track of range time, cleaning dates and more, training lessons, a community Q&A for peer discussion, and an engaging process for earning points and ‘patches’ to rank up and earn GLOCK rewards.