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Goat Story Coffee Mug

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

While not exactly tactical, the Goat Story Coffee Mug resonates with me, largely because it’s very much like a drinking horn, so if you want to play hipster viking, this is probably your best bet, outside of drinking from skulls before it was cool. Read the full release on the Goat Story Coffee Mug below:

Goat mug PR mail2-1

When Coffee meets Creativity

Coffee is a part of the most regular routine of many creatives. Not only it can be a handful boost for creative process itself, it increases energy and helps being more focused on performing task. So no wonder that even coffee shops are known as the most preferred working spaces.

We all know how the famous story of coffee discovery goes. Well, the latter definitely served as a handful creative boost for the team of GOAT STORY (among gallons of coffee they drank). Why? It helped them bring a one-of-a-kind coffee mug to life: The GOAT Mug. It’s a horn shaped Mug, easy to carry around, wherever your internal compass guides you. Wherever you think, you’ll find the right inspiration. While hoping that you’ll get to this “eureka moment” before the last sip of your coffee, right? This Mug brags with double solution, tailored for all creative wanderers. Making any task easier to handle with special holder, which has an ability to transform into a stand. While being able to wander around thanks to a company of two leather straps.

GOAT Mug is a perfect companion for this new-age hectic lifestyle. Whether your creative process starts at home, your favorite coffee shop or at the middle of some quiet forest. A trendy solution for all coffee lovers, rebels, misfits and those, who just dare to be different. And a perfect set for encouraging your imagination.