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SHOT Show 2016 – Hydrapak

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

Hydrapak had a couple of new products to show off at their booth.


The first is the Seeker hydration bladder. The Seeker is a collapsible bladder constructed of the same durable TPU as other Hydrapak products, and it fills from a screw-cap lid. The non-rigid design of the Seeker allows it to fit snugly within a variety of carry options, such as a pack. The Seeker functions well as either as additional storage for water, or as a filter bag.


Also featured on the Seeker is an integrated strap system, which allows the Seeker to be carried or tied down externally. It will be available in three sizes: 1L, 2L, and 3L.


Hydrapak will also be releasing what they call the Arctic Fusion. It’s a bite valve constructed of insulated TPU, which keeps the valve from freezing for up to 1 hr in temperatures reaching -20 F. The Arctic Fusion will be released this Fall.


Hydrapak – 1L Stash Bottle

Friday, October 30th, 2015


Hydrapak’s Stash Bottle is a collapsible, soft-walled bottle, which compresses from its full size to a compact 4 in., perfect for storing in a pack or even a pocket for future use. The top and bottom of the Stash Bottle snap securely together when not in use; the top can be squeezed to produce enough give when sealed to reopen the bottle. The Stash also comes with a molded carry handle which can be removed from the lid at the user’s discretion.


Here’s a gallery which shows the Stash Bottle from full to compact. To store the bottle, the user twists the body of the Stash Bottle, then presses the top and bottom together, and secures them together using the snap closure.

Hydrapak also produced a short video showing how the Stash Bottle functions:

The Stash Bottle is available in Blue, Lime, and Smoke colors, in 750 mL and 1 L sizes.


Hydrapak provided the 1L Stash Bottle for the purpose of review.