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Impact Weapons Components Tactical Rehydration

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

Impact Weapons Components has announced the release of their new TRC – Tactical Refreshment Carrier, a convenient rail-mounted rifle accessory that eleminates PFD (Premature Fluid Discharge). Another signature IWC product (IWC has many, and they’re good), the TRC is designed to meet the needs of Civilians, LEO’s, Neighborhood Watch or rifle/carbine Students attending certain celebrity trainers classes who are unable or unwilling to set their beverage down. [You know the type; many of us have trained with metrotacticals. Some of us ARE metrotaticals.]

Premature fluid discharge is eliminated, thanks to the TRC Dynamic Unidirectional Proximity Engagement System. The Dynamic Unidirectional Proximity Engagement System isIWC’s Pat. Pending mounting solution which securely holds beverage level while on the range, out hunting or on a Stakeout. Polymer construction is ultra-lightweight and easy to clean. Price: $12.95. Place you order now! Shipments begin April 1, 2012.