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KA-BAR – Tactical Spork

Saturday, September 10th, 2016


Become the ultimate ‘Knifey-Spoony‘ champion with KA-BAR’s Tactical Spork. It’s made of food and water approved Grilamid, and underneath the spork portion of the utensil, is a 2.5″ serrated blade.


KA-BAR Zombro Knife On Massdrop

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

Massdrop is a crowd-based sales platform where users vote on commercial items to be featured on the site, based on a category such as ‘Espresso machine’ or ‘Tactical backpack’. Once voting narrows down to just one item, Massdrop contacts the manufacturer and looks to set up a ‘Massdrop’, which aims to offer bulk pricing to the masses while only requiring they buy one each. As true of a traditional bulk pricing model, the more items sold, the lower the price for all.


This time, the chosen knife is the KA-BAR Zombro Knife. It features a ~9″ 1095 cro-van steel blade with a Kraton zombie-green handle. It’s going for $49.99+S&H through Massdrop, with an MSRP of $137.97. It’s only got about a week left, so if you’re interested you should jump on this deal.


KA-BAR Zombie Knives – SHOT 2013

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013



KA-BAR has expanded their line of Zombie knives to include the “Zomstro” and “Swabbie” style blades. Both blades are constructed from SK5 1095 Cro-Van steel and come with nylon sheaths with a front stuff sack. The handles comes standard green, although a replacement set in black comes with the knives. Made in the USA.

Ka-Bar ZK Pestilence Chopper

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Ka-Bar has developed a series of knives under the ‘ZK’ designation, which stands for ‘Zombie Killer’. One of these knives, the Pestilence Chopper, features a 10-1/4″ blade made from SK5 high-carbon steel, with an overall length of 15-3/4″. The handle is made of “radioactive” green textured GFN-PA66, although a replacement black handle of the same material is included. Each Pestilence Chopper also comes with a black nylon sheath and a back-up 5Cr13 stainless steel skeleton knife. Considering you can get a hold of a good military-grade Golok machete for a lower price, this knife is purely a novelty item in my book. In the Chopper’s defense, I’ve read its sharp blade is pretty good at clearing small vegetation.

Ka-Bar ZK Pestilence Chopper