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ITS Modern Action Sweater

Friday, October 27th, 2017

The Sweater

ITS Tactical and MilSpec Monkey have teamed up a limited edition apparel item, the Modern Action Sweater. Sporting a color very much inspired by NSW’s Maritime Assault Suit System sepia colorway, the Modern Action Sweater is made of 10 oz. heavyweight fleece fabric composed of 50/50 Poly/Cotton for reduced shrinkage, and double knapped for softness.


Additional features include reinforced stitching on key wear points, thumb hold pass-through ports, 5% spandex-infused ribbing, and custom color-matched YYK zippers.


Available in sizes SM-XXL, and 100% made in the USA with US materials.



This article was originally featured on SSD.

MilSpec Monkey Electric Blowback AEG

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

This all-metal, ambidextrous AR-15 AEG features Milspec Monkey branding and actual Magpul PTS parts. Other features include electric blowback operation, 400 FPS (using .20G BBs) with a 200 ft range, Hop-Up unit integrated with the barrel, and realistic barrel disassembly.

Available from Airsoft Outlet NW

Morale Patch of the Week: Like a Boss

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

MilSpec Monkey’s got a new patch out, if you’re needing one. Maybe suggest it for your sweetheart (or your mom) as a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift for ya. You can find it on the MSM site now in several color schemes.

MilSpec Monkey: Like a Boss


New MilSpec Monkey Hat is live!

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

Need a new hat? Want a new hat even if you don’t need it? The new MilSpec Monkey mesh variant GG-Hat is now live on the MSM store. It’s built to shed heat for “desert dwellers” or those of you who are slowly cooked in the humidity of summer along the third coast. The foundation is a FlexFit cap with the top rivet removed and hook-and-loop sewn on.

Tactical Fanboy: the new MSM cap.






The front panel is approx 4″ x 3″ and the rear is 3″ x 3″ with a 5.5″ x 1″ strip at the bottom for name tapes. There is even a 2″ x 2″ diamond up top for those of you who are so high speed low drag and important you need IR tabs. The Monkey mentions it in the description, but we’ll reiterate it: this design gives good functionality without looking like you’re wearing a Velcro wig. There is a lanyard attachment point on the bottom too, should you need it for whatever reason. Pay attention to the sizing details.

It is our contention that all new SOF characters in the next Modern Warfare and Battlefield incarnations should wear these (and maybe use some RAMPS: more on that later).


SHOT Show 2012: Morale Patch of the Week (Sneak look from MilSpec Monkey)

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Tactical Fanboy is going to begin a Morale Patch of the Week feature (and we’re open to suggestions, if you know of one or if your company has one it wants featured). This week is the new Good Guy patch from the guy who is pretty much the progenitor of the whole widespread morale patch phenomenon. Yeah, others did it, sure there were unit patches and unique patches before. but nothing like the Monkey has done it. (If you weren’t aware, “suck factor”, “Persian Gulf Highway Patrol” and “Hajji Don’t Surf” were available in Saudi Arabia during Southern Watch and in South Korea at least since the mid-90s, and so-called unofficial patches abounded during the Vietnam War, but it’s the MilSpec Monkey who turned it into a military and airsoft meme; not that there aren’t lots of other cool patch makers out there now). Anyway, this is the Good Guy patch featured on a Maxpedition Larkspur (held up by one of the the Maxpedition HMFsIC himself). It has good color, is well constructed and great physical features. Watch for it soon on MilSpecMonkey.com!

Have an idea for a morale patch you want featured or think would look good? E-mail TAANSTAFL here via the standard Tactical Fanboy comms with a facebook link, a couple pictures and some background.

Tactical Fanboy: the MSM Good Guy PatchCan you blame him for smiling? He's showing off the new MilSpec Monkey Patch! (Now he needs to ship the eeee-light team of fightin' bloggers here at TFB a couple of those in some kind of weird furriner camo no one recognizes, so we can feel special.)



By the way, don’t know who MilSpec Monkey is? You been living under a rock? Here’s a picture of DJ Monkey Boy testing out a BCE on his rifle, training to lay some hate down on those that might deserve it.