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Reflex Sights from Rapid Reticle Half Off on WOOT

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

PFI has partnered with WOOT to sell their SOPS-33M Reflex Sight at half MSRP to “get more of [their] scopes into shooters hands”.  The SOPS-22M is an excellent red-dot optic with an established reputation. It’s built to mil-spec standards, will not lose zero (due to its steel drop-drum turrets), features an auto-brightness/off setting so you don’t have to adjust brightness in different conditions, and has two nightvision settings. Check it out.

Here’s the designer talking about it (pay no attention to the music):

“The SOPS-33mm sighting system is the most advanced sight of its kind available. It has the standard light intensity settings (1-8 manual), but this is where it leaves the rest behind with 2-night vision settings to be used with night vision equipment, and a special “Auto” feature that automatically adjusts the intensity to the environment’s ambient light due to the proprietary photo cell. This scope was designed and built to PFI’s rigid specifications and can take a beating that others won’t. The scope comes with two standard low mount 33mm rings, a flash kill filter, flip up caps, covered target turrets, and heavy duty windage and elevation adjustments that will never leave zero. Also available is the PFI-QRR quick release mount that is designed especially for this system for fast mounting and dismounting in the field.”