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SOLKOA – SUMA Survival Container

Friday, June 13th, 2014

Getting Boxed In For Survival

How a “box” becomes a serious survival gear container and survival tool

Colorado Springs, CO, June, 2014, SOLKOA Survival Systems. — maker of highly-specialized survival kits for the government and civilian survival kits presents their SUMA* survival container. www.solkoasurvival.com


SOLKOA has applied their elite military unit survival experience and created the ultimate container for individual survival. This is NOT a plain Jane aluminum box, it is much different and that is the reason for its price, which begs the questions we will answer here shortly.

“When luck doesn’t last, you need something else that does. That’s why we don’t compromise quality when building our survival tools and components. SOLKOA’s commercial products are built to the same exacting standards as those we supply to elite special operations professionals operating worldwide. When your life is on the line you need tools you can rely on, especially under the worse conditions.” –LTC Bart Combs, US Army (Ret)-President, SOLKOA, Inc.”

Why the price? The light-weight SUMA survival containers and lids are CNC machined from solid blocks of ultra-tough 6061 aircraft grade aluminum resulting in thicker walls and specialized high-strength radius corners. The design and construction makes the SUMA much stronger than cheap stamped aluminum containers. This type of manufacture obviously costs more, but then again, what is your life worth?


Desert tan SUMA small size survival container.
Contents not included

SUMAs are given a tough anodized finish to protect the surface and allow the multipurpose SUMA to be used as a cooking utensil and even a tough digging tool in survival conditions.

The machined lid of the SUMA has a wide neoprene closed cell gasket to seal out moisture. The SUMA container lid utilizes a large Velcro patch with two Velcro strips to keep the box securely closed, yet easily opened in the field.


Small SUMA Multipurpose Survival Container

Outside dimensions: 4″x 23/4″ x 15/8″
Inside dimensions 37/8″ x 23/8″ x 13/16″
Weight: 3 ounces
MSRP: $59.95

Large SUMA Multipurpose Survival Container

Outside dimensions: 51/8″ x 31/4″ x 17/8″
Inside dimensions: 43/4″ x 27/8″ x 13/8″
Weight: 5 ounces

SUMA containers come anodized in: Red, orange, black and desert tan.

*SUMA stands for: SOLKOA Ultralight Multipurpose Aluminum

A Survival Fire Anyone Can Make – Amazing Fastfire Tinder Blocks And Fire Starting Survival Kits

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

Colorado Springs, CO, April 2014 – SOLKOA Survival Systems — Producer of specialized survival kits for the military and other high-risk government agencies for years is now producing their Fastfire survival fire kit for civilian use.

The key to SOLKOA’s Fastfire Fire Starting Kit is their solid fire starting tinder. The Fastfire material when contacted by a flame or just sparks creates a sustained 1,300 degree flame in seconds. The Fastfire solid cube produces a wind resistant flame that will ignite even when floating on water. The Fastfire solid cube is ideal tinder when trying to get a camp or survival fire going in most any conditions.

Fastfire is a cubic-inch of high-energy tinder resembling a piece of plastic foam (it isn’t). The blocks are hermetically and individually sealed in heavy-duty Mylar wrap for long term storage.

Fastfire blocks can be easily cut into smaller pieces as needed for extended survival or general use. The full block will burn for 10-12 minutes. If cut into 8-pieces for extended use, each piece will produce a flame for 2-3 minutes; more than enough to ignite most kindling.


Fastfire is dry to the touch, easily lit, smokeless, odorless, and when extinguished is cool to the touch in seconds. Each block weighs only 2/10ths of an ounce.

The complete Fastfire Fire Starting Kit includes SOLKOA’s Faststrike, a 3-inch long ferrocerium high-energy sparking rod and a 3-inch hardened steel hacksaw blade for a total of only 1 oz. This sparking system is the more reliable than others including flint because it has no mechanical parts and works when wet. Besides acting as the striker for the sparking rod, the hacksaw can be used for cutting of course and also produces excellent sawdust for use as additional tinder for a survival fire.

Complete fire starting kits come in two sizes:

· Emergency Fire Starting Kit with 2 Fast fire cubes and a Faststrike,- $16.95 MSRP

· Fire Starting Kit with 4 Fastfire cubes – $19.95MSRP

Fastfire packaged cubes can be purchased separately:

· Four for $7.95 MSRP

· Eight for $10.45 MSRP.

Bulk purchases of individual sealed Fastfire cubes are also available on request.


SOLKOA Survival Systems – New Brand Name Clears Up Market Confusion

Monday, December 30th, 2013

Colorado Springs, CO, January 2014 – SOLKOA, Inc. www.solkoa.com recognized their civilian brand Fastfire did not effectively communicate their many non-fire survival products so they have initiated SOLKOA Survival Systems www.solkoasurvival.com for their new consumer survival products line.

With more than 200 years of combined instructor experience among its professional staff, SOLKOA, Inc has been quietly producing a wide variety of highly-specialized emergency survival capabilities along with its expert instruction for the U.S. military and other high-risk organizations since 2005. Please stop by at SHOT Show booth 32513.

SOLKOA’s specialized military survival gear usually contains sensitive items that will never be available to the civilian market, but SOLKOA’s Fastfire brand created some market confusion making it difficult for SOLKOA to clearly promote their expanding civilian product line.

The SHOT show directory lists their overall corporate name SOLKOA, Inc. and they will be in booth 32513in the law enforcement and military areas; you should drop by and visit with them, they are the real deal!

So from now on the civilian products line will be SOLKOA Survival Systems.

SOLKOA – Military-Grade Survival Kits For Civilians

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Colorado Springs, CO, November 2013, SOLKOA Inc. — For several years SOLKOA, Inc. has been quietly producing a huge variety of specialized survival kits for the military and other high-risk organizations and government agencies.

SOLKOA has recently taken their experience and recognized expertise in those venues and is now entering the consumer market www.fast-fire.com with several offerings of civilian survival kits and equipment of which this PSK (Personal Survival Kit) is one.

The PSK provides 28 top-of-the-line U.S. military-grade quality items that can be utilized world-wide for serious real world survival. these kits are highly-recommended for hunters and outdoors people. The PSK comes packed in a clam shell design nylon case with Velcro content retaining straps and an exterior map window.


Some of the high-quality items are: Weatherproof fire tinder & matches, heat reflecting blanket, water filter straw & purification tabs, 4x magnifier, day/night signaling mirror & reflector, luminous compass, mini multi-tool, fishing kit, high-decibel whistle, specialized heavy-duty resealable water carry or water proof bag, and much more as shown in the image.

“You wouldn’t buy a cheap parachute.We don’t include failure-prone junk or compromise quality in our survival product offerings because they must be ready to help save a life.” –Bart Combs, SOLKOA President.”