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Sparrows Lock Picks – Chaos Card

Thursday, December 31st, 2015


The Sparrows Chaos Card is a break away escape kit that can be stored within a wallet. Contained within the Chaos Card is the following components:

– Short Hook
– Triple Peak
– Auto Rocker/Jiggler
– Short Wafer Pick
– Four and Five Comb Pick
– Tension Bar
– “Stabby Thing”
– Handcuff Key


Sparrows Uncuff Link

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Sparrows, leading manufacturer of specialty and quality lock pick tools, has added something a bit more stylish to their product line. These carbon fiber inlaid cuff links have a covert handcuff key engineered into the design which will open almost all standard hand cuffs. Appropriately enough, they’re also designed to keep your French cuffs closed. Pre-orders are currently being taken on the site, and should start shipping in December.


Disclaimer: Tactical Fanboy does not promote any acts of potential law breaking, and puts up some products for informational, entertainment, or novelty purposes only. To quote Sparrows website: “*WARNING: The use of this product under some circumstances may result in you being shot.*”