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SDCC 2015 – WETA Workshop

Thursday, July 9th, 2015

WETA’s booth is chockfull of models and statues from some of their most popular projects, along with a few new things.

There’s this display of props from the upcoming Krampus, appropriately enough releasing thos holiday season.

There’s also a few sets of Alliance armor from the upcoming Warcraft movie, which if this setup is any indication will at the very least be a visually impressive film.


Elysium TST Chemrail Replica

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Elysium TST Chemrail

From the TST Winter 2153 Catalogue:

TST Chemrail Dual Stage Linear Motor Rifle

Calibre/Munitions: 8.75x52mm FSDRAS (Fin Stabilised, Discarding Rail Accelerator Sabot) rounds, 18kJ

First Stage: Chemical propellant

Second Stage: Electro Magnetic Rail

Cooling: Thermaflush liquid helium

Grep Diode systems integration

This is a movie accurate prop replica of the TST Chemrail rifle wielded by Matt Damon’s character in Elysium. It’s made from fiberglass, using the same molds used for the movie version, designed by WETA Workshop.


WETA Workshop Portal Turret Replica

Monday, September 24th, 2012

I didn’t think WETA could top their previous gift to the fine folks at Valve, a replica of the engineer’s turret from Team Fortress 2. Then, they sent a replica of the turret from Portal, and I was proven wrong. Features motion tracking, deployable guns, and in-game sound effects and voice clips.