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Two New NERF Z-Strike Melee Weapons

Saturday, October 25th, 2014


NERF has released two new melee weapons as part of their Z-Strike line of blasters and accessories, the 2×4 and the Z-Wrench Axe. Well, to be more specific, the 2×4 is part of the ‘Zombie Strike’ line, and the Z-Wrench Axe is part of the ‘Zombie Strike Z.E.D. (Zombie Epidemic Defense) Squad’ line; sub-branding, it’s a helluva thing, eh?


The 2×4 has some kind of taped handle and a sheet of spiked metal bolted around the head. Pretty standard affair. I actually double checked my post history just to make completely sure I hadn’t already done this one.

Now, the Z-Wrench Axe is something else. In fact, it is my absolute favorite weapon in the entire Z-Strike line thus far. It’s a Monkey Wrench clamping down on an axe head, with tape and/or cloth functioning as extra support for holding the head in place. Simplistic, yet extremely creative. It doesn’t share the same worn look as most of the rest of the Z-Strike line; there is some kind of unspecified addition to the handle which functions as a grip, maybe it’s supposed to be a kind of wire.

Like most Z-Strike products, these can be found where ever toys are sold.


NERF Z-Strike Line – Sledgefire/Machete/Z-Bombs

Monday, August 26th, 2013


We recently purchased the first in the line of NERF Z-Strike zombie-themed blasters and toys. This is the Sledgefire. It’s a break-action blaster that fires three zombie strike darts at a time, loaded via a shell. The stock can hold up to three of these shells, a nine dart capacity, in addition to a shell in the chamber; the Sledgefire comes with three shells standard. It’s a bit bright and colorful for a “zombie” themed blaster, although it does have the obligatory ‘taped-up grip’ so often featured in post-apocalyptic scenarios and has branding reminding you it is in fact a Z-Strike blaster. It also features the NERF rail system standard with the N-Strike line for the attachment of additional accessories. The way it loads reminds me of the Storm PSR from Black Ops II.


This is the Machete [Machete Machete*] and the Z-Strike Z-Bombs. Fitting in a bit better with the “zombie” theme, the Machete [Machete Machete] has a duller color pallet, with a ‘taped-up’ grip and Z-Strike branding; I don’t think I need to mention it’s made of foam, but I will anyway. The Z-bombs are the most interesting part of the line, so far. They’re foam throwing projectiles, but some of them are pretty wild. From left to right: a half-football stuffed with three sticks of dynamite, some kind of explosive shell/grenade, a good-ole’-fashioned taped-up brickbat, and a sawblade.

The Slegeshot is a Target stores exclusive. I’m pretty sure you can find the Machete [Machete Machete] and the Z-bombs in other shops, although the line isn’t featured on the official NERF page yet.


*The packaging the Machete, and the rest of the line, comes in is tri-lingual: English, French, and Spanish. Since machete is spelled the same in all three languages, the name repeats itself three times.