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Magpul Executive iPhone 4 Case Winner

Congratulations to John Lee for this amazing drawing! While it’s hard to argue for Stormtroopers being more than mostly incompetent foot soldiers that make for better target practice than anything, two factors are definitely in favor for this particular trooper:

1) She’s a she. And members of the fairer sex in the Star Wars universe have always been dangerous.
2) Her chest rig, sling, and helmet all have MultiCam accents. What’s more tactical than MultiCam in this day and age, huh?

Thanks to everyone else who participated in the contest. Oh, and stay tuned. I may just be giving something else away pretty soon…

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4 Responses to “Magpul Executive iPhone 4 Case Winner”

  1. Yowza says:

    This is awesome! You should do a tshirt with this on it.

  2. admin says:

    I’d love to. Just have to check with Lucas first. Y’know, make sure he won’t sue the pants off me.

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