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Now You Can Be Just Like Thor

If you’ve had aspirations of being the Norse god of Thunder and Lightening, then you may just have to pick up this toy Mj√∂llnir replica coming out soon. Besides being totally awesome just for being a replica of the hammer of Thor, it also shoots a projectile which appears to represent a lightening bolt. In all honesty, the toy looks way better than the movie, which if you haven’t seen the trailer, looks like it’s gonna suck hard.


3 Responses to “Now You Can Be Just Like Thor”

  1. Incompetent Field Grade says:

    Wait a minute…are you saying you think the new Thor movie will suck? I’m not sure what ‘such hard’ means, and Imma let you finish, but Thor looks like the best super hero film of the year. OF THE YEAR!

  2. admin says:

    1) Thanks for alerting me to that typo. Spellcheck is all well and good until you realize you spelled a word right, but it’s the ‘wrong’ word.

    2) Thor is gonna suck. Why? They’re shoehorning a love story into the plot, which is retarded. And it’s with Natalie Portman of all people. Also, Captain America looks disappointing as well.

  3. Yowza says:

    Thor looks lame but Captain America looks awesome

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