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Das Doppleglock

Available only to law enforcement and government, the Glock models 18 and 18c are 9mm pistols, almost entirely indistinguishable from the Glock model 17, except for their ability to go fully automatic. It seems this isn’t enough, for the ‘Doubleglock’ was born. A custom kit that combines two Glock 18s, probably both 18cs, with a center red dot for accuracy. Although I find personally find little use for any full auto pistols, let alone two strapped together, I must say this is pretty clever. It should also win all your battles from looks alone. No one wants to be staring at the business end of this bullet hose.

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3 Responses to “Das Doppleglock”

  1. UlfBjorn says:

    Ejection issues?

  2. admin says:

    Actually, I believe it was mentioned that the right-handed Glock was modified to have a left ejecting barrel, so both Glocks eject downward. Pretty cool stuff.

  3. If you look carefully, you will note that the left side Glock in the photo does not have the selector switch of a G18. It is probably using one of the drop-in slide plate conversions. The expansion chamber muzzle brakes are custom, as is the extended magazine release and slide stop.

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