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Cobra Deals With S.O.TECH

How often do you see collectable figures adorned with actual licensed tactical products? Well, you can add this Cobra Viper to the list that does. Unlike the mindless legion of Cobra grunts that get stuck with that cheap plastic knock-off kit, an elite Cobra Viper (think 501st Legion aka Vader’s Fist) gets outfitted with authentic S.O.TECH gear. To be specific, the S.O.TECH Callahan Plate Carrier System, 12 mag Hellcat Chest Harness, and Rifleman’s Pack and Rigger’s Belt, all made to fit on his tiny, 12-inch vinyl body. It’s good to see that Cobra is keeping with the times and outfitting their soldiers with useful tactical gear, but could they possibly design a uniform to match? He looks more like a Power Ranger than any elite soldier should.

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  1. Yowza says:

    Cobra, Cobra, Cobra

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