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Red Back One 2-Day Tactical Pistol Course

I attended Red Back One’s 2-day tactical pistol course last Saturday and Sunday. Despite the limited class time, I did find an improvement in my fundamental skills and I learned a few new tricks along the way. Basic loading, malfunction, and shooting drills make up a majority of the class. However, being a tactical pistol course, it also includes advanced level skills such as how to properly shoot from multiple levels of cover. I found the class very informative, and am likely to use Red Back One for any future training courses. I highly recommend them. Also, the course overview recommends 800 rounds for the class. I recommend a minimum of 1200 rounds, since I came out empty, and I brought 1000.

Visit Red Back One to see all their available training classes.

Look for a more detailed after-action report of the class later this week.

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