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AOTS Visits Blackheart International – Foreign Weaponry

Video GameE3 2011AOTS Exclusive

AOTS correspondent Weston Scott spends his second day at Blackheart International firing their impressive selection of foreign weaponry, including such classics as the AK-74 SU and PKM machine gun. Pretty entertaining stuff, but I’d feel irresponsible if I didn’t point out the PPSH-41 is actually a SMG, not a rifle. Not a big issue, but then again anyone who has played any of the WWII Call of Duty’s would know this by heart, and since G4 is a channel for gamers…

Also, I really want one of those Saiga-12s. Anything that can shoot a creepy looking mannequin in half is a definite must-have.

Visit http://www.bhigear.com/ for the full selection of Blackheart International gear.

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