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True Gun Pr0n – Some Kind Of SMG

Presenting the most over accessorized Uzi(?) of all time:

Credit for the photo goes to ScottsdaleGun (Scottsdale Gun Club) via yfrog. If this is their abomination, I have to question how many beers led to this seeming like a brilliant idea.

I think I’ll make ‘True Gun Pr0n’ a regular thing. What do you all think?

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3 Responses to “True Gun Pr0n – Some Kind Of SMG”

  1. Dan E says:

    Well, they can still add a suppressor and complete the deal

  2. red2alpha73 says:

    They need more lights so they can see their lights.

  3. JonMac says:

    Yes, full-sized Uzi semi-auto carbine. Has to have been done as a joke.

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