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Magpul Booth – SHOT 2013

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013


Magpul had a great showing of brand new products at this year’s SHOT, including the VW ‘Battle Bus’ they had on display at their booth.


They’re expanding their line of shotgun stocks and fore-ends to include Mossberg shotguns.


They’re releasing accessories and parts in their new color ‘Ghost Gray’.


They’re doing Gen M3 versions of their 7.62 magazines, in 25, 20, and 10 round models.


Finally, they’ll soon be releasing magazine round limiters and Ranger Plates for the Gen M3 magazine.


F4 Tactical Rail Mounted Pepper Spray – SHOT 2013

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013


Pro-Defense’s F4 Tactical is the world’s first rail mounted pepper spray. The F4 consists of a pressurized canister seated in a rail-mounted housing and is activated by pulling back on the device, and features a button safety which locks it in place for no intended discharges. An additional rail on the bottom of the F4 allows for the attachment of additional accessories as needed.


First Spear Media Range Day

Monday, January 14th, 2013

First Spear, along with Renegade Armor, Wilcox, and Aimpoint, sponsored a media range day at the Las Vegas metropolitan police department firing range. Three ranges were set up, with the first two featuring rifles by H&K and LMT, and pistols by Nighthawk Custom and SIG Sauer. The third range featured something a bit more exotic: rifles by FERFRANS, who are known for their Delayed Sear Activation System. This system made the 7.5″ 5.56 SCW PDW very controllable when fired in full-auto. It’s also very likely this system was responsible for reducing the felt recoil of the 7.62 SOACR near 5.56 levels. Wilcox also had demonstrations of their breaching torch technology; seeing the torch used to melt through rebar as quickly as it did was impressive. Overall, it was a great media day that offered the chance to try out some truly fantastic firearms.

Strike Industries – Rear Sight Mount For Glock

Saturday, January 5th, 2013


Strike Industries’ Rear Sight Mount is designed to allow for a rear sight/red dot on a Glock pistol without expensive, custom installation. The 1 oz. aluminum picatinny rail is secured with a screw and backplate, and features screws to adjust height. The rail features paintable reference dots if the user chooses not to use an optic. Additionally, a compatible ambidextrous charging handle is available for competitive shooters.


Silencerco 5.56 Saker

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

The Silencerco 5.56 Saker, which was introduced at last year’s SHOT Show, is in full production and will soon be available for purchase in stores. The Saker features key innovations that separate it from current suppressors offered by other companies. This includes the Multiple Accessory Attachment Device (MAAD), which is an interchangeable centerfire rifle mounting platform that allows for the user to attach the Saker, or other muzzle accessories, to their choice of many flash hiders and other mounts. Also of note is the Hoplon blast baffle, which deflects and cuts down on baffel erosion up to 90% using “”new to silencer design” materials, strategic reinforcements and improved geometry to achieve incomparable strength, longevity and repeatable accuracy.”

Silencerco – Saker


Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Crosstac is a company that offers a wide range of high-quality firearms accessories and related products including armorer’s tools, shooting bags, shooting mats, slings, belts, and binoculars accessories. One of their many impressive products is an underslung picatinny rail attachment for AR-15s that makes use of the oft-ignored bayonet lug. They also offer a line of company-themed apparel. Their entire product line is made or printed in the USA.


Tactical Walls

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Tactical Walls are a great option for discreet and secure storage of your firearms and accessories. Tactical Walls install directly in the wall where they can easily be secured behind picture frames, mirrors, or in the back of a closet, and are optimized for installation with standard pine 2×4 construction which is framed 16 inches on center. They currently come in two sizes, the 1410, meant for handguns and other small accessories, and the 1440 (seen above), meant for rifles and shotguns and accompanying accessories. Both models are constructed from durable ABS plastic with foam rubber pads.


D.I.C.K. – Dynamic Intervention Contraceptive Karrier

Friday, September 7th, 2012

The D.I.C.K., or Dynamic Intervention Contraceptive Karrier, is Off The Grid Concepts’ high speed, low drag, ultra resilient condom carrier. Available in multiple mounting solutions, which allow for attachment to a MOLLE compatible platform and a regular belt, for “”low pro” urban operations”. Available in a staggering selection of colors: Black, Coyote, Hawt Pink, Blood Red, Wolf Grey, Zombie Green, OD Green, Purple Rayne, and Safety Orange.

You can buy yours from offthegridconcepts.com.

Huge hat tip to breachbangclear.com

Silencerco Announces SuperiorSilence.com

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

Silencerco has just announced the launch of SuperiorSilence.com, where customers can currently shop for Silencerco, ‘Silencers Are Legal’, and SWR products. The site’s purpose is to allow dealers and customers to research Silencerco and SWR accessories to ensure the correct fit of pistons, thread adapters, and flash hiders. The site menu is organized by brand, so customers can easily determine what they need while a dealer locator helps customers to connect with a local dealer that carries Silencerco and SWR products.

In honor of Independence Day, ten percent of proceeds from sales made on SuperiorSilence.com through the month of July will benefit the veteran support network Gallant Few.

Check out the site at http://www.superiorsilence.com

Coverking – Tactical Seat Covers

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

Coverking is a company that specializes in car seat covers, among other car-related products, and they’ve recently expanded into a line of Tactical Seat Covers. The covers are made from Cordura nylon and feature PALS webbing down the length of the rear. Each cover comes with 6 MOLLE compatible pouches of various sizes for storage purposes with the pouches also available for individual purchase. The covers come in five colors: black, cashmere, charcoal, grey, and tan and are custom made specific to a vehicle’s make and model. Coverking products are made in the USA.

Hat Tip: 4 Wheel Drive Magazine – Coverking’s Tactical Seat Covers


SHOT Show 2012 – Leupold VX-R Zombie Riflescope

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Leupold is the latest company to jump into the Zombie market with their VX-R Zombie Riflescope. Based around the VX-R Patrol Scope, the VX-R Zombie has a few unique features that cater to its namesake. For starters, the power on switch is green, along with the scope’s illumination dot. The scope caps feature Zombie imagery on the inside, and the two included BDC dials are designed specifically for use with .223 REM and .308 WIN Hornady Zombie Max ammunition. The VX-R Zombie will retail for $599 with a limited production run.



Guardian Muzzle Guard

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

Designed and OEM manufactured by Strike Industries for Max Tactical Corp, the Guardian Muzzle Guard is a rubber cap that slides over any firearm with an A2 flash hider to keep dirt, dust, debris, and water from entering the barrel. Four stretchable ribs allow you to pull the cap away from the muzzle to shoot while it remains attached to the barrel further back. The thin material over the muzzle can be blown out in an emergency, with accuracy unaffected within 50 yards. The Guardian also features exterior raised gripping edges for a secure grasp in all weather conditions.

You can buy it here.

Strike Industries Battle Case For iPhone 4

Friday, September 9th, 2011

If you’ve missed a call because your iPhone was in your pocket, and you couldn’t get a decent grip to remove it in time, then the solution might be the Strike Industries Battle Case. Its main feature is the quick pull loop that allows you to quickly remove your iPhone from wherever its stored and also functions as an extra point of contact for improved phone manipulation. The case itself is thin with a Matte Black, Dark Olive Drab or Flat Dark Earth Tan honeycomb finish and all the proper slots to accommodate the iPhone’s numerous buttons and features. It also comes with two optional add-ons: a Kevlar insert and lens protector.

strikeindustries.com – Battle Case

CRKT INox Case For iPhone 4 – BLADE Show

Monday, July 4th, 2011

Columbia River Knife & Tool is offering their own take on the iPhone case. Available only for the iPhone 4, the INox Case, true to its namesake, is constructed from stainless steel. It features black Delrin posts, a rubber bumper, and fits all size iPhone 4s. Color wise, the INox comes in silver, white, black, gold, camo and rainbow finishes. According to CRKT reps at its debut during BLADE show, it should be available now through authorized retailers.


Double-Barrel Quad Rail

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

If you’ve been pining for a 12-gauge ‘tactical’ double-barrel but aren’t in the market for a whole new shotgun, then you could always try the LaserLyte ADP-KZ Double Barrel Quad Rail. After installing this rail system, you gain access to four three-inch picatinny rails to attach your favorite lights, lasers, and other rail compatible items to your favorite break-action double-barrel scattergun. The rail comes in two pieces and is made from aircraft grade aluminum with a rubber covering inside the rail that protects your barrels from wear while six hex screws secure the system to the barrels. I’m sure someone’s overjoyed to see a product like this come out, but I’m not one of them.


Manta Rails

Monday, May 16th, 2011

To say that Manta Rails are simply a slip-on grip cover for your rail system wouldn’t be doing them justice. Manta Rails are made from a highly resilient polymer and have adjustable grip tension for a variety of rail tolerances. They are quick to install, reduce weapon heat, protect your weapon from chemicals and abrasion, and reduce mirage and IR signature. Manta Rails are also available in a variety of colors to help break up the weapon’s silhouette and can be cut down to fit any length rail. One of the more unique and useful features of Manta Rails is the Micro Pocket design. These allow you to internally route wires and pressure switches to keep them in place and protect them from fluctuating temperatures and external hazards. Very useful if you run a light or laser on your weapon. Finally, they maintain a positive grip in practically every situation. They also do a great job of protecting your hands and equipment from the sawtooth effect of a 1913 rail. Simply put, Manta Rails are extremely versatile rail covers. I use them, and highly recommend them to everyone.

Visit mantarails.com to see all the impressive features that Manta Rails offer.

Left Handed Charging Handle

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Badger Ordnance is now offering a charging handle for all those left-handed shooters out there. The Badger Ordnance Left Handed Tactical Charging Handle is mil-spec with mil-spec black anodized coating and weighs in at a light 1.45 oz. I’m glad to see products like this come out, since I’m a firm believer in equal opportunity ass-kicking.

You can purchase yours from Rainier Arms.

Trussardi 1911 100th Anniversary Limited Edition Camouflage Sunglasses

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

As acknowledgement for their 100th Anniversary, Trussardi 1911 is releasing a special edition run of sunglasses. The lenses are handmade by Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens and feature the Trussardi 1911 camouflage pattern edged around the lenses, somewhat reminiscent of woodland. They’ll be limited to just 750 pieces, each with an individual embossed serial number and included is a leather camouflage case with a certificate. The Trussardi 1911 100th anniversary limited edition camouflage sunglasses will be available June, 2011 on Trussardi 1911’s online store and at concept stores worldwide. At 590 Euros (about $850 US) they aren’t cheap, but how often does a company’s 100th anniversary roll around?

True Gun Pr0n – Some Kind Of SMG

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

Presenting the most over accessorized Uzi(?) of all time:

Credit for the photo goes to ScottsdaleGun (Scottsdale Gun Club) via yfrog. If this is their abomination, I have to question how many beers led to this seeming like a brilliant idea.

I think I’ll make ‘True Gun Pr0n’ a regular thing. What do you all think?

Counterfeited EOTech Sights

Friday, April 1st, 2011

In a particularly despicable act, the CEO of Anaheim-based Field Sport Inc., a Mr. Yongming “Steven” Sui, along with two business associates are accused of the manufacture and advertising of approximately 700 counterfeit gun sights and 200 magnifier systems for sale online. According to ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement), the retail value of the knock-offs is around $475,000. While Sui is believed to have fled to China, his two associates Isaac Cheuk Hang Tse and Pao Sheng Yang have been apprehended. All three face two felony counts of manufacturing and selling a counterfeit mark and possession of an assault weapon. The later two are slated to be arraigned April 22. Sui himself faces a maximum sentence of three years and eight months in prison if convicted, a penalty I assume carries over to the already apprehended suspects.

The thing I find so funny about this is they were ballsy enough to try this while located in the States, where they’d be sure to get caught. If they were smarter they would have stayed in China, where counterfeits like this are all too common. Probably would have been cheaper too.

Original Story: AP via Newsvine.

Quick Draw Gun Magnet

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

If you’ve ever felt you need to be prepared for a situation like this, then you need the Quick Draw Gun Magnet. Attach this to any surface that can hold at least 10 lbs. of weight, including most walls or the underside of a desk, and you can have instant, holster free access to any number of firearms, including guns of stainless steel construction. I may just get one so I can keep an AR-15 on the side of my fridge. Late night snacking is one of the most vulnerable periods for any homeowner, after all.

You can order yours from thegunsource.com

Boba Fett Rocket Backpack

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

Child or man, everyone needs a backpack for something. Why not make it a Boba Fett rocket pack? Modeled after the jet pack/rocket launcher of the galaxy’s most feared bounty hunter, this plush backpack has one main pocket, a secondary pocket, and two zippered jet tubes. You can hold anything from important papers to disintegration devices, and look awesome while doing it.

You can get yours at Thinkgeek.com

Internet Merit Badges

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Have you tried to find a way to express your mastery of the internets in a real-life, physical form? No? Then I guess Internet Merit Badges aren’t for you. But for the rest of us, each high quality embroidered patch details yet another achievement of one who regularly surfs the web. For example, the “Rickroll’d” patch is for those (pretty much every living being in the universe with internet access) that were tricked into seeing a video of Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ instead of whatever video they were originally promised. I’m such an internet geek, I qualify for four out of the five. Can you guess which badge I can’t claim?

You can get yours at internetmeritbadges.com

And The Award For Product Most Likely To Get You Shot By An Air Marshal Goes To…

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

De Santis Gunhide’s Ankle Cell Phone Holster. Now, this product is completely useless, as I’ll be extremely happy to explain. First, it’s damn foolish. Apparently carrying a cell phone around your ankle is considered stylish, and not completely asinine. I don’t want to have to bend down to my ankle in public every time I get a call from someone. That opens up plenty of problems on its own. Two, you’re putting a small, vibrating and ringing device on your ankle. That’s totally not suspicious at all. In fact, I can guarantee one jumpy air marshal would be all over the jackass that decides having one of these while on a plane was a good idea. Third.. it costs $32. Specifically $31.95, and that’s before shipping. The page also mentions ‘Armani’ suits, so this is obviously marketed at douches with a lot of money to burn. My point is this product costs way to much for what it offers: an ankle holster for a cell phone. So don’t buy it.

If you still want one of these despite my well-crafted argument against it: De Santis Gunhide Ankle Cell Phone Holster

AR-15 Golf Ball Launching Attachment

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

Tired of getting out-driven on the golf course? More accurate with your rifle than with your 9-iron? Then you need one of these! Simply replace your muzzle break or flash hider with this golf ball launcher, and you’ll be making 250 yard drives easy. The best part is it only requires .223 blanks, and no gunsmithing is required! In fact, it would also make a decent non-lethal anti-hippy device, except that non-lethal and hippy are two words that should never be in the same sentence.