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Manta Rails

To say that Manta Rails are simply a slip-on grip cover for your rail system wouldn’t be doing them justice. Manta Rails are made from a highly resilient polymer and have adjustable grip tension for a variety of rail tolerances. They are quick to install, reduce weapon heat, protect your weapon from chemicals and abrasion, and reduce mirage and IR signature. Manta Rails are also available in a variety of colors to help break up the weapon’s silhouette and can be cut down to fit any length rail. One of the more unique and useful features of Manta Rails is the Micro Pocket design. These allow you to internally route wires and pressure switches to keep them in place and protect them from fluctuating temperatures and external hazards. Very useful if you run a light or laser on your weapon. Finally, they maintain a positive grip in practically every situation. They also do a great job of protecting your hands and equipment from the sawtooth effect of a 1913 rail. Simply put, Manta Rails are extremely versatile rail covers. I use them, and highly recommend them to everyone.

Visit mantarails.com to see all the impressive features that Manta Rails offer.

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