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If you’re looking for something other than your standard Super Soaker for hydro-based Summer fun, then look no further than the Xploderz series of toys. Instead of a stream of water, Xploderz fire ‘H2Grow technology’ gel pellets, which also make an excellent alternative to potentially harmful paintballs. Depending on the model, these pellets can be fired up to 85 feet from a 50 round top-loading ‘Ammo Clip’. If you like to keep extra pellets in reserve, the ammo depot accessory allows you to make and hold up to 500 rounds. Currently, four Xploderz guns are available: XBlaster 200, Face Off 400, XStormer 1000 (seen above), and XRanger 2000.



2 Responses to “Xploderz”

  1. Manny says:

    Not only did they misuse the term ‘clip’, apparently the XStormer 1000 above has a ‘flip-up site’. The funny thing is that the XRanger 2000 has a ‘flip-up sight’.

  2. Tactical Fanboy says:

    Misuse of the term ‘clip’ makes me cringe. I wanna shout “50 pushups, maggot!” to every tool that does it.

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