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MW3 Rant Time

Yes, we all knew this was coming.

It’s time to play a really great drinking game callled ‘Spot The Inaccuracies’! It’s quite simple really: watch the vid, and every time you spot something inaccurate (compared to reality) with this demo of MW3, take a shot of your favorite brain-killing alcohol! The best part is it doesn’t take the entire vid to get drunk off your ass, just every damn firearm featured. To be a bit easier on all those involved, let’s ignore how painfully unlikely a Russian invasion would be, and just stick with stuff like:

– Why is Delta doing this mission? An operation like this would most likely be handled by DEVGRU.
– Why are Delta operatives using the MP5? They stopped using that years ago! The HK416 called, it’s feeling unappreciated.
– Are those dummkopfs at Infinity Ward, and Sledgehammer Games, still calling the AKS-74U the AK-74U? The later doesn’t exist! It’s just one more letter, dammit! Fix that ****! Also, it’s a carbine, not an SMG, so take 2 shots.
– Speaking of which, why are the Russians using P90s?
– Whatever else you can find. Might be a wee bit inebriated by this point…

Basically, they crapped on the guns again. Big surprise. Even without a full weapons list I already have enough ammunition to complain until release day. Still, there’s a good 6 months or so before the game is released. Maybe we’ll see some unexpected changes, but I highly doubt it. I still be buying this game, though. For all its faults, MW3 looks like a decent source of mindless action.

Modern Warfare 3 drops November 8th, 2011 for all major consoles and PC.

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7 Responses to “MW3 Rant Time”

  1. Tom says:

    It’s a GAME, not a simulation.
    Get over it.

  2. Dan G says:

    I have to say after MW 2 I decided to stop buying any of the Modern Warfare games, beyond the weapon inaccuracy/misuse the stories (including MW 2) don’t make sense. and there are to many moments that make me pause the game and just say “wtf that makes no sense”.

  3. Load of old wank!

    Rebreathers that make more noise than an open circuit rig. DPV that manages to pull alongside and through the (Typhoon) submarine wake. Uncontrolled diver ascent following explosion overpressure, followed by 39000 tons of crippled sub that breaks the surface like a Polaris missile.

    Liver dictated that further observation would be terminal.

  4. Jeff says:

    I got sick of these games a while ago, but not because of anything so trivial as gun realism. Who the hell cares whether it’s DEVGRU or Delta?! It’s about solving a set of problems, not playing dress-up. If I executed a solid plan, I don’t give a rat’s a$$ whether I was using an MP5, an HK416, or a super soaker. Ranting about stupid stuff like this reminds me of my junior high cafeteria.

  5. red2alpha73 says:

    Yes, it’s just a game and not a simulation. Yes, it over it. Agreed.
    However… there comes a point when it feels like the developers of games, authors of books, and directors of movies and TV shows have gone from making a fictional story exciting to insulting the player/reader/viewers
    intelligence. That’s what gets me. Don’t insult me when I’ve just given you my time and decided to spend my money on your product. And how about this, CARE enough about what your making, the story you are telling, and the subject matter to do some research. Don’t tell me this movie takes place in Iraq in 2004 and show the Soldiers wearing ACUs. I was there 2005-06 and just started to see ACUs show up in June 05. Don’t give me a flat top M-16 at the Bay of Pigs invasion. I know from history that that weapon system in that configuration was not in existence then.
    I take myself to seriously, I know, but the knowledge I have about these things is hard won in some cases and I don’t like being insulted. That’s all.

  6. Jeff says:

    Yes, I get that you were/are a soldier, and that’s cool, but bitching about this is like bitching that Canadian G.I. Joe’s CADPAT has the pocket buttons sewn directly to the fabric. Doesn’t everyone know that the buttons slide on fabric strips, and those strips are then sewn to the fabric?! What a load of crap!!

  7. Doc E says:

    Are you going to buy the game? Yes? Then stop complaining. They are getting your money regardless, and even if they didn’t, do you think they care?

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