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12 Days of Tactical Christmas – Day #6

Black Palm Syndicate jumped in and got their hands dirty by offering up 6 Softshell MultiCam caps. Dubbed, the “One Cap To Rule Them All” these Flexfit hats feature a Velcro patch on the front with a merrowed edge. They are simply awesome.

Also, don’t forget, today’s winners as well as every other winner, will receive a 2012 Tac Girls Calendar. (Just the calendar, not any of the girls)

To Enter
In the comment section of THIS post, here on Tactical Fanboy, tell us about your favorite hat. In a few hours we’ll close the comments section and randomly select a winner. Don’t dilly dally. We could close comments at any time. And, remember to use a valid email address so we can inform you in case you win. One entry per email address per contest. You have to enter each one separately in order to win.

Details at soldiersystems.net/the-12-days-of-tactical-christmas.

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195 Responses to “12 Days of Tactical Christmas – Day #6”

  1. Mike K. says:

    My favorite hat is my old, worn out, ragged Auburn hat. Faded to the point there is no color. Best hat ever.

  2. Chris W says:

    First person! Mine is a Nebraska Huskers hat. Second is my Condor multicam hat.

  3. Corey says:

    My favorite hat currently in an underarmour watch cap ( its cold here), but in warmer weather I’m partial to my trust od ball cap.

  4. Mark says:

    My favorite hat is the one pictured above. It would look great on my head!

  5. Ekku says:

    Old school cap, just like the one my grandfather used to wear all the time. Made of wool, grey in color and goes well together with classic-style clothing.

  6. My favorite is a green, woolen watch cap. Fits my head very nice and is great during the finnish winters.

  7. Sean Aber says:

    That hat is awsome. I want one.

  8. Cody says:

    My favorite hat is my faded red sox cap.

  9. John Sprecher says:

    My favorite is my flexfit flat black hat. Fits well, does its job.

  10. Jeff T says:

    My favorite hat has to be my leather boonie hat ! It’s been everywhere and a little rough around the edges like its owner ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Kenneth Kinder says:

    My favorite cap is currently my tan CMMG ballcap. It is my go to mission cap, broke in just right, brim folded, sweat stained, with just a fine layer of Afghan dust (20% fecal matter)….that’s what a cap should be.

  12. Pete says:

    My favorite is my old DCU boonie!

  13. Austin says:

    Favorite hat is a wool tweed ball cap. Breathable and lightweight. Fits well and colors blend in with most locales.

  14. Steven J says:

    Black baseball cap, senior year baseball cap.went seven years without washing it. Left it in a rental car

  15. Rick B says:

    current a TT cap that says we do bad things to bad people on it..

  16. Corey Bowlin says:

    My current favorite hat is my Black Palm Syndicate Necassary Evil flex fit…. But could soon be replaced by this kick a$$ multicam hat from Black Palm. Once I become the new proud owner of this realy cool hat. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Holger says:

    Cold weather: Icebreaker Merino beanie reversible (green, black).
    Hot weather: Tru Spec Multicam boonie hat or Under Armour baseball cap.

    BTW: Don’t let some stupid idiots ruin this great contest for you guys and us. I’m sure most people really appreciate your and the sponsor’s efforts…

  18. Joe says:

    My favorite is my beat to hell 8 pointed cover in the old woodland pattern.

  19. Steven says:

    My favorite is the simple black hat I’ve had for years, broke in really well and fits perfectly.

  20. Derek says:

    Dull green baseball hat from Spyderco. Great hat and great knives.

  21. Greg says:

    High Speed Gear Khaki shooters hat.

  22. Tony says:

    Favorite hat? Battered tan Flexfit ballcap that’s seen a lot of miles, but the flag on the front is still proud.

  23. Jason says:

    My favorite hat is the Arc’teryx beanie

  24. Nate says:

    I have a tan contractors hat from TAG that I always rock. I need a new to upgrade to for the Shot Show!

  25. Rodney says:

    Contractors hat my wife got me for Christmas

  26. Adam says:

    I got a camo ball cap for Christmas this year. It is extremely comfortable and actually fits my melon of a head.

  27. tommy eversole says:

    would have to be my boonie hat i got in the gulf war, its been through a lot of different climates has never let me down yet.

  28. Max says:

    My favorite is my Iowa Haweyes hat. It was retired just a few weeks ago. I have not found a favorite to replace it yet.

  29. Gerard says:

    My favourite cap is actually my balaclava. Rolled up to keep my head warm and when it really gets windy and/or cold, cover the face for that extra comfort. Been doing it that way for years.

  30. Kyle says:

    My favorite hat has got to be my fitted baseball cap from when I played baseball in my town’s babe ruth league. most comfortable hat I have ever worn.

  31. Gerard says:

    Diffrent email address but the same answer. My favourite cap is actually my balaclava. Rolled up to keep my head warm and when it really gets windy and/or cold, cover the face for that extra comfort. Been doing it that way for years.

  32. Ephraim says:

    My favorite hat is my original HSGI operators ball cap. Worn it since 2004.

  33. Muzzle Break says:

    Yer givin’ away a hat?
    Thet wunz fugly!
    Why dunt yew geev us sumthin kewler?


  34. Saul says:

    My fav hat is probably the Condor mesh hat w/ a velcro front patch.

  35. Matt says:

    Favorite hat is whatever currently fits my head the best. Usually a seasonally appropriate hat like a Stocking cap in the winter or a mesh backed cap in the summer.

    Currently liking the BAC from Dirty Bird.

  36. Kate says:

    I don’t wear hats much, but when I do I like the SD Padres hat my dad gave me.

  37. Clayton says:

    My 1 ID baseball cap.

  38. Ryan says:

    My favorite hat is any one that fits but for now my arcteryx bac is winning.

  39. Jason Lee says:

    My favorite hat is… showing it’s age. Lets just say that if I get one of these hats, my wife will thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Scott Taylor says:

    I would have to say my Carharrt ball cap, we have been through a lot together.

  41. Adam says:

    My favorite hat is the old beat up ball cap I got from the DHS Precision Marksmanship/Observer course. Low profile, discreet, and not that many around.

  42. Ben says:

    I Really love my BCM Khaki Hat I have had for several years now. Got it as a freebie, but I would have paid for it.

    Also, I don’t bitch about free stuff.

  43. Niels Buus says:

    My favorite hat is a Camo cap I got at Tim Hortons in Kandahar. Would love to have a Multicam cap with me on my next deployment to Afghanistan;)

  44. Brandon says:

    My favorite hat is an old Easton Synergy hat since it is black and low profile. No one ever knows what it means though ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. James W. says:

    I have a sweat stained “Grumpy” hat my kids told me I HAD to have when we were at Disney.

  46. Ben P. says:

    My favorite hat is a sweat-stained Selvatica hat I got on my honeymoon. It soaks up sweat during my workouts but cleans up well–when I clean it, that is.

  47. DaveM. says:

    Ball Cap, of course. Fitted or flex fit preferred, velcro or cloth strap acceptable but no plastic strap if possible(I’m not unreasonable). Well formed brim, no flat brims. Low profile vs. formed. And of course any favorite ball cap has at least somewhat of a circular sweat ring.

  48. Andy says:

    Favorite hat has to be my Five Oaks hat. One of the best duck hunting spots in the south.

  49. Darin says:

    My favorite hat is my U.S.M.C. cover that I used to wear while serving, still wear it on those special occasions.

  50. Swiat34 says:

    I absolutely LOVE my Packers Superbowl hats! I don’t wear em much tho so I don’t get em dirty. I have a black Blackhawk cap that’s my daily hat…would be GREAT to have a replacement!

  51. Levi says:

    My fav hat has always been the short brim boonie

  52. My favorite. The first one in the closet that I pick up.

  53. Eric says:

    My favorite hat is a US Border Patrol hat a friend gave to me a few years ago.

  54. Fred says:

    Right now, my two-tour veteran in Afghanistan with me condor multicam cap. Even go the ISAF patch and the tour I was on sewed on it.

    Oh, for front patch (just bought it tho), Don’t confuse your rank with my willingness to beat your ass.

  55. Travis says:

    I like that it is flex fit.

  56. gregg says:

    My favorite hat is my fire helmet…every 3rd day its on dash of truck ready to goto work!

  57. John says:

    Looks nice, the flex fits are a good way to go.

  58. Steve says:

    I have too many “favorite” hats. Most of them were given to me for work.

  59. Chris S. says:

    My issued boonie from back in the day. Has my call sign embroidered on it and one of my nametags sewn on it. It’s been a lot of places

  60. Lenda Greene says:

    My favorite hat is a 5.11 flexfit, pink and black baseball cap that a rep gave me while in Vegas at EMS/FIRE/LEO EXPO.

  61. Trevor says:

    My favorite hat is a knights armament hat I got last year at SHOT.

  62. Dirtdartwife says:

    My NY Yankees hat the is faded beyond belief from trips to Afghanistan and Iraq! It now matches the desert!

  63. Trango says:

    My tinfoil hat is my favorite. It keeps out the Roseann Barr voices and doubles as an antenna.

  64. Zeon says:

    Crye Precision Boonie Hat

  65. Josh@Survivalcache says:

    My favorite hat is a leather brimmed ball cap with the most amazing cut in the world. I have tryed hats from Hazard 4, Rothco, Condor, Signatures and many others, but I always come back to this old beater I got years ago in Scouts.

  66. Ben says:

    My favorite hat is my beat up Alabama hat. Roll Tide!!

  67. Matt S says:

    Cal bears hat. Had it since I was 16.

  68. Nick says:

    My favorite is an old beat up brown Mountain Hardware hat that my Dad got me many years ago.

  69. Myer says:

    The Tactical Tailor fleece watch cap I swiped from my son.

  70. Lew says:

    Wollen knitted hat I got for christmas a couple of years ago. Not too warm, not too cold, not too thick, very personal.

  71. Michael says:

    Bula hat with neoprene bill. Stuff in my pack, pocket! Too bad they stopped making them! Would have looked good to have one in multi-cam!

  72. At the moment I’m wearing either a 5.11 promo cap from a few years back, or a SpecOps brand short-brim boonie in PenCott Badlands. I’m thinking an Arc’teryx beanie is the next addition.

  73. Fritz says:

    My favorite hat is the one I can find. I would appreciate a new one!

  74. Wulfi says:

    My red Billabong cap, that followed me a year in Baghdad, 3 weeks in the Icelandic wilderness backpacking, and has been on my head during all IPSC matches I have competed in during 2010/11, including the WorldShoot on Rhodes, Greek.

  75. CJ says:

    I have three that I rotate through, a Jeep hat, a Crye shooters cap in MC, and a TT cap in desert tan.

  76. Josh S. says:

    HSGI W/ Haley Strategic logo

  77. Andy T says:

    Tactical tailor ball cap with a Haley Strategic patch

  78. Will says:

    I like the flex fit hats without the button on the top of them.

  79. Kevin says:

    My favorite cap used to be my tan BCM logo hat… until the wind whipped it off my head one day as I was driving with the windows down. So I bought myself a B.A.C. from Arc’tyrex and absolutely love that hat… especially with my BAD, Inc. patch on it.

  80. Giovani says:

    BPS Multicam Softshell is my favorite-yes, I already own one. Don’t judge me.

  81. Matt says:

    I rock a 210 flex fit most the time, I also have a lot of snap backs I wear at work

  82. Matt says:

    My red sox ball cap

  83. Todd says:

    I have an OPSGEAR infidel hat. Nothing special, but it serves the purpose and makes people give a second look, humorous yet offensive.

  84. Joshua says:

    I find myself wearing the Larue Tactical hat that came with the LT-104 SPR that I ordered most of the time.

  85. Dmitry says:

    Using old HSGI cap in garage and my own made hat in softshell on hunting. Softshell is really great material

  86. Bobby says:

    My favorite hat is my lucky hunting hat. Everytime I take it on a hunt I Get a kill.

  87. orly? says:

    My ship’s ballcap ๐Ÿ™‚

  88. Ivan says:

    My favorite hat is a flexfit with my favorite title I ever held on the front, MEDIC. Never have I heard so many stories that started with “so there I was”

  89. Paul says:

    My favorite hat – definitely usmc garrison cap, I own two and polartec 100 beanie cap for winter time. For extreme cold self made fleece pakol ๐Ÿ˜‰

  90. Stu C. says:

    Mt favorite hat- Tan HSGI shooters cap.Patches-changed ad-nauseum ๐Ÿ™‚

  91. Ty says:

    I have a simple tan cap that’s gone with me on every deployment

  92. L says:

    My favorite hat is not a tactical hat actually but a 2002 world series Angels baseball cap my family sent from america. I think it was the first thing I received from them while in Norway and obviously the Angels only World Series so far haha.

  93. Jeff says:

    My favorite hat was left on my knee while in Kabul AFG eatting lunch with some good folks and when I left my hat decided to depart my knee and never to be seen again. Flex fit all the way

  94. Dave B. says:

    my favorite for years was just a plain old broke in Nike hat

  95. jeremy jones says:

    My hsgi multicam operator hat. Complete with mli patch. Its been through a deployment so far.

  96. Blake Martindale says:

    At the moment my favorite hat is the BAC in black from Arc’teryx

  97. Frank the Tank says:

    Space helmet

  98. Brad says:

    My favorite is a ball cap I picked up on my way out of Iraq with my FOB name on it… SCUNION

  99. Jerret Park says:

    My fav hat was a old broken in flex fit from Oakley.

  100. Matt says:

    My favorite hat is an ADS flex-fit type ballcap that my father-in-law picked up a trade show. I wish had 10 of them because they fit so well.

  101. sludgeEOD says:

    My OCP Boonie.

  102. Monty74 says:

    Old boonie hat I used to wear in HS (Tiger Stripe!).

  103. Rob says:

    I have a hard time find hats that I truly dig…so, I’ve got a closet full of hats that suck…maybe this one will be the ticket!

  104. Mark L says:

    My favorite hat is Pipe hitters union in Flexfit

  105. Kevin Widner says:

    My favorite hat is my old OD Green “Gunsite” ball cap that I’ve had since 2005. The hat has traveled the world with me since then being worn in Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, the Philippines and half of the US. Poor thing is now so worn and thread bear that the plastic bill stiffener is coming out the front and is split in half! But it is so comfortable that you just have to wear it still….

  106. Matt says:

    My waxed cotton Cabelas hat. I need to get more tactical.

  107. Curtis says:

    I really like my “The Real Deal Hat” Brazil tarp hat…

  108. Marmatt says:

    Old EMS ball cap. Worn threadbare, faded, falling apart. Can’t even wear it anymore.

  109. Kristolffer Morris says:

    An old Icon flexfit. Icon makes sportbike gear and apparel, and this sorta chocolate chip desert cammo hat has been with me for 7 years or so. A tattered ruin of it’s former self, I still wear it with pride, it’s extremely comfortable.

  110. Dana says:

    My Boonie! Keep the ears from burning.

  111. treyohfive says:

    I like my True North mesh boonie in AOR2.

  112. Davy says:

    Woodland camo wide brim boonie.

  113. Isaac O says:

    My camo redsox hat…gotta represent the BoSox!

  114. Jamie B says:

    Passing out under a boonie is the way to go.

  115. Rick says:

    My OD Olangapo Outfitters cap is my most comfortable…

  116. Brandon says:

    I’m a real fan of my battered “Big River Running” hat. It performs important functions like shading my bald spot plus it launders readily.

  117. Joe Shipley says:

    hands down, it is my Captain Jack Sparrow hat from Jeff MacKay. OK, admittedly it isn’t very tactical (or practical) but it is fun on halloween!

  118. Travis says:

    My favorite hat is no longer with me. It was an old Oakley hat that was worn, lost, and recovered through out a young soldiers career. It was washed by the soldiers wife and the dirt that held the fabric together was taken away and the hat no longer wearable. My latest favorite is a Larue Tactical.

  119. Adam says:

    My green marpat 8 point is my favorite cover.

  120. Lucas says:

    Nice I want a multicam cap! I have a few from Knights Armament but who says i dont need another!

  121. Josh archer says:

    My favorite hat right now would be my TACP beret .

  122. Don H says:

    My favorite hat is a Pipe Hitters Union ball cap.

  123. DeltaNate says:

    I have a multicam operator hat from HSG that I have with me 24/7.

  124. My old detroit tigers hat. Comfy.

  125. ben lewis says:

    Flexfit l-xl is about the only thing that fits my huge bean

  126. William says:

    Ussa shooting academy hat, why you ask because it rules over every other hat that’s why

  127. Doc Garden says:

    My old, battered and worn DCU boonie. I wear it anytime I’m ready for an adventure.

  128. Craig says:

    I’m a stocking hat kind of guy, love my fleece lined northface.

  129. Jerry says:

    My LaRue fleece watch cap.

  130. Bert says:

    My PT cap

  131. TexasVMI says:

    My favorite has to be an old school Houston Astros cap I got when I was 10. “don’t worry, you’ll grow into it.” Now it has seen combat in two theaters and been on 4 continents. I am a REGULAR GUY so I never was issued or had to buy a tacticool hat. They are neat though!

  132. D Weston says:

    My old tan condor tactical operators cap. Damn thing is so thin I
    can see thru it but it fits good and comfy.

  133. Daryl Sager says:

    i would have to say polartec watch cap

  134. Travis says:

    My good old boonie.

  135. David Hinson says:

    My boonie hat.

  136. Ed G says:

    In hot weather, I like my old boonie hat, in the cold I have an Under Armor beenie that has seen alot of use.

  137. Erik says:

    I’d have to say my favorite is my Independent Truck Company Flexfit. XS-S, only size that fits my small ass dome.

  138. Clayton says:

    I’d have to say that my favorite hat is an old Basspro camo one, ball park style.

  139. red2alpha73 says:

    My OD High Speed Gear ball cap. Hands down the most comfortable hat I have ever worn.

  140. Slopes says:

    My favorite is my Nike Army ACU patterned hat, but the Arc’teryc BAC is pretty comfortable too.

  141. mike hull says:

    Baseball cap is sufficient for most work, boonie when things get serious.

  142. Dave says:

    Mine is probably my beat to crap Larue hat.

  143. bryan says:

    My favorite is a bravo company hat I got when I ordered a new upper from them a while back. Used to be black but I’ve worn it so much its faded to almost a dull firty purplish color, no matter ill wear that thing till it comes apart.

  144. Austin says:

    My favorite hat is the one I got at the finishline of Ironman Arizona this year.

  145. Dave J. says:

    Maybe my soft-shell MC one from ADS.

  146. Dave says:

    Possibly the dead bird BAC

  147. TimmyB says:

    Arc’teryx Baller Ass Cap, great fitting shooter cap.

  148. Jason Welin says:

    I have an HSGI Operator hat, and a Milspec Monkey CG Raw hat. Both tied for my favorite non-logo hat….

  149. Paul says:

    Any hat I’m hunting in. Usually something with mesh to vent well.

  150. Andy Bevan says:

    TAD GEAR merino wool watchcap

  151. Jon H says:

    Love my Nike Fit hat; it’s not tacticool, but it’s not hot and it fits my XL head better than any hat I own. If it’s got to be tactical, definitely the boonie hat though. Now that we only use berets for ceremonies, I wish we could move the boonie hat farther up the list…

  152. sean says:

    Either my multicam Boonie our my tan flag ballcap.

  153. jason says:

    I have an old flex fit biretta ballcap that began as a blue and due to range work and adverse conditions is now gray,worn and very comfortable.

  154. Craig says:

    I really enjoy my boonie cap, although we rarely get authorization to wear it, recently got chewed out by a LTC for one of my junior NCOs wearing his as we were setting up our bivouac site. I do like my Stetson with red cord as well though.

  155. pj says:

    I have to say my favorite hat is my Baur hockey hat.

  156. Justin says:

    My old Bonnie.

  157. moses says:

    My favorite hat is my condor tactical hat. Been with me through a lot and keeps on going.

  158. John M. Denny says:

    My old (ca. ’84) wide brim boonie.

  159. Drew says:

    My Marine Corps woodland bonnie cover that was given to by a good friend.
    He has left us but his memory lives in that cover everyday i wear it.

  160. erick says:

    Have a few year old 49ers hat. Stitching is starting to come undone, it was tan now it’s much closer to white.

  161. Bryce C says:

    My favorite is my tan Arc’Teryx BAC hat, flex fit low profile, looks good anywhere

  162. Steven W says:

    It was a 2 dollar hat from walmart and i wore it all the time, it had a plastic bill instead of cardboard or i could wear it on the river.

  163. Matthew Arcand says:

    I have an HSGI hat that I’ve had for about 5 years and I love it. One size fits all. Durable. Doesn’t scream mall ninja with appropriate patches.

  164. Brian says:

    I like my BAC Arc’Teryx hat. Wore it on deployment all the time.

  165. Chuck says:

    I love my under armor cap. Doesnt hold the old salty sweat like the cheaper hats

  166. Ross says:

    Favorite hat…hrm… probably the Columbia stocking cap I wore most of the year when I lived in WI. Now I live in FL and have no need for it.

  167. EB says:

    My old beat up, filthy, sweat stained Tennessee Titans hat

  168. will quartuccio says:

    My opsgear tan infidel hat. I’m on number 2. I get a lot of strange looks and comments from the hippies when they read it.

  169. Al Trombetta says:

    My Baller Ass Cap by Atc’treyx

  170. Paul says:

    My Drop Zone Multicam Boonie. By far the best boonie. It’s not the size of the hat, it’s how it fits;-)

  171. Multicam with a pork eating crusader patch on it!!

  172. Danny says:

    My favorite hat is currently a black Stetson! I would love to see those in camo…

  173. travis says:

    boonie cap but wife will not let me wear it.

  174. Dalton says:

    My favorite hat is my tactical haircut. Keeps my head warm, one lock can split a bullet, and best of all it has way high CDI factor.

    If not going with tactical haircut my second choice is my plain ass brown hat from the north face that I’ve recovered from the ocean twice and has just been one tough SOB.

  175. Jay says:

    Straw cowboy hat. Keeps the sun off more than the face.. keeps my head cool and can be mixed with some earmuffs for the colder months.

  176. Corey says:

    My favorite hat is either my OU ballcap or my green knit hat that goes so well with my desert camo scarf.

  177. Corey says:

    For fun I like my fedora.

  178. Corey says:

    I also have a great white straw sunhat that I tailored for the Kentucky Derby.

  179. Parapup says:

    My first boonie and my wool watch cap this time of year

  180. Brian says:

    My mothwing camo baseball cap from sitka mountain gear

  181. Jason Dillard says:

    ACU booklet hat and my 211gear mesh hat.

  182. David says:

    Either my Woodland camo NY Yankees ball cap or my old and trusty OD Green boonie

  183. trailmix says:

    OR Sahara sombrero

  184. Arthur says:

    I think my favorite cap was my PC. It always looked good even in the sand box. Id pull it out of my pocket slap out against my leg and put it on. I don’t wear out any more but I’ll never get rid of it.

  185. Trace says:

    My fav? Tan 215 gear with mesh panels and Ol Glory on front and an MSM “I don’t give a rats *$$ on back.

  186. Lowell says:

    My fav hat is my Arc-teryx (tan) hat. It has seen a lot of abuse this year and is kind bleached due to sweat and extensive wear., so i bought another one. Fits great and puts up with tons of abuse.

  187. Eric says:

    My favorite hats – Right now, it is the OR Wind Warrior Hat.

  188. Brian says:

    Not my most worn, but I do love my cowboy hat for those special occasions.

  189. David says:

    Nike dri-fit.

  190. Forrest says:

    Bought an oiled baseball cap in the BWCA. Best hat I’ve owned because it sheds water like a ducks back.

  191. Darrell Kuhne says:

    My favorite hat is my Tarp Hat.

  192. Victor says:

    Hands down it’s my tan Viking Tactics hat. It’s soft, easy to clean, and fits my melon better then other hats. I’ve been rocking it for the past three years and it’s gone from a tan to an off white.

  193. dan says:

    Skd multicam cap or my Arcy bac… unless I win this that is.

  194. Nat says:

    Love the Tactical Tailor Operator hat, fits my head like I had a regular sized head.

  195. Tactical Fanboy says:

    Thanks for entering