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2ND Annual Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards

Tactical Fanboy: Airsoft Players Choice Awards


Popular Airsoft has narrowed down it’s nominees to five (5) per category for the 2nd Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards. They are giving you until the end of January to select the winners, and they are urging finalists and their supporters to rally up and gather as many votes as they can to be finally chosen as winners.

From their website:

“As for our dear Popular Airsoft readers as voters, we have prepared some raffle prizes for lucky draw winners for the voting period. Prepared by our Main Presented, Edgar Brothers Airsoft Division, and even sweetened by Gunfire Poland, here are the prizes waiting for you:

1st Prize: Magpul PTS AKM Masada MOE*
2nd Prize: Magpul PTS MOE Stock (Choose the colour you want)
3rd Prize: 1 Box of Magpul PTS Beta Project 75-round Magazines (5-Pack)

Go vote now.

One Response to “2ND Annual Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards”

  1. Tim Ellwood says:

    While your there, vote for best blog, No Airsoft for old men. The other bloggers are much better than me, but I am older and they will have more chances to win ( works for the academy awards it seems).
    Remember, I am not above gerrymandering, Graft, payoffs, making promises I will never keep, kissing ugly babies, kissing ugly women, blackmail, whitemail. email or what ever it takes to win.

    The other blogs fathers were Hamsters and they smelt of elderberries

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