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Interesting Chinese Military Training

Check out these Chinese troops putting their skills on display. The thing we found most particularly interesting was the hot potato exercise involving high explosives.

6 Responses to “Interesting Chinese Military Training”

  1. John M. Denny says:

    Some observations: That lady talks really fast. This ain’t the same Chi-Com military my Dad faced in Korea. They have learned alot from us. I wish it was still OK to purchase Chinese Military weapons. That heavy gun must be shooting some kind of speacial, “looks awesome in the movies” ammo. Those guys with the hot potato can jump really high.

  2. Craig says:

    Iraq, I could handle, but I am really not looking forward to that inevitable war..

  3. red2alpha73 says:

    You and me both, Craig. I hope it’s not inevitable, remember how everyone thought the USSR and we going to go at it? But if it does, everything I see that comes out of modern China scares me. These are not the half trained, but tough as nails, peasant army we faced in Korea. They were bad enough then, but now…

  4. DD says:

    Anyone read “Dragon Strike” by Humphrey Hawksley & Simon Holbertson?
    Well… hope it never comes to that.

    When ever you have a rising power (esp. with a chip on the shoulder from being a recovering sick man of Asia i.e. China) and an incumbent super power (big man on campus i.e. the US) in the same playground, it gets a bit dicey.

    Look at pre-WWI Imperial Germany’s rise and how the Brits and French crushed the upstart Kaiser, which also paved the way for a bitter and angry Germany to fall under Hitler’s sway and start WWII. The US still dominates so far, but a major conflict on a world scale would not be nice at all…for the human species.

    FYI China’s not really communist in practice anymore economically speaking, though it is still ruled by that one party in name only. These guys aren’t the “Long March” types. If you ever get a chance to visit Beijing, Shanghai etc. go see for yourselves. These guys are buying Gucci, Armani, GAP, Polo, and snarfing down KFC and Pizza Hut like there’s no tomorrow.

  5. CC says:

    Hope no more war against anybody. We need some times to recover from the war that just ended.

  6. gunner says:

    The hot potato explosives, on the second one you can see the NCO drop the package at his feet, the blast in the hole is remotely detonated. Lots of show, not much practical.

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