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LaserLyte Zombie Killer Pistol Bayonet

Featuring a 2.75″ steel blade by Ka-Bar, this LaserLyte pistol bayonet has a radioactive green handle, constructed from 30% glass-filled nylon, to easily identify its status as a high-caliber, zombie-slaying tool of destruction. It attaches to any medium or large sized pistol with a rail, easily sliding on or off with a press of two buttons. A custom polymer sheath is also included.

LaserLyte – ZK PB Serrated

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22 Responses to “LaserLyte Zombie Killer Pistol Bayonet”

  1. red2alpha73 says:

    What the… I … okay. If the Japanese can produce a machine gun that can mount a bayonet why can’t there be a pistol capable of doing the same. Just make sure to heed the advice of Rev. Capt. Samuel Johnston Clayton (played by Ward Bond in The Searches) when he warned a young cavalry officer about his saber. “Boy, watch that knife!”

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