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Off the Grid Concepts Contest Extended

If  you haven’t already entered this contest from the fellas at Off The Grid Concepts, you should. They have mad Kydex sculpting skills. It’s a collaborative effort between OTG and Ning the Merciless Ning Wong Photography. It’s pretty simple. Click LIKE on his page and make sure you also LIKE  Off The Grid Concepts. Share the posted contest picture on your wall. This weekend they’ll hold a raffle to determine the winner utilizing their high tech, highly accurate wondermous Legion LF15 high speed ballistic random hole generating device (HTHAWLLFHSBRHGD to use the handy acronym). This whole thing is on Off The Grid’s Facebook, so pay attention.

I’m going to make it easy for you. This is the picture you have to link.

Tactical Fanboy: This is the picture you must like to win, and don't forget there are TWO pages you must LIKE to win.


Prizes include:

1st place prize 1 Holster, 1 hand gun mag carrier + T shirt + Thumb HO’ster.
2nd place Prize Any mag carrier + T shirt + Thumb HO’ster
3rd place prize T shirt + Thumb HO’ster

If you aren’t familiar with the HO’ster and HoTac, you are sadly behind the curve and probably still think lining up in ranks and shooting in a volley is the height of current tactical evolution.

Hat tip to the Mad Duo. Thanks boys.


One Response to “Off the Grid Concepts Contest Extended”

  1. BLACK says:

    I just picked up my custom sheath for my Mark Terrell “USK”.
    This custom kydex knife rig is going to catapult them into superstardom…I am willing to bet my next check on that. You can see the beast on their facebbok page or an upcoming tactical review near you.
    Stay tuned.
    Out********standing OTG concepts… job well done!!!

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