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Double Barrel 1911?!?

Presenting the AF2011-A1 “Second Century”, a double barrel 1911*. According to Arsenal Firearms, the AF2011-A1 can keep a grouping the size of an orange at 15 yards and the size of a watermelon at 25 yards. Although it boasts a number of unique parts, such as a single slide and single spur double hammer, the firing pins, the firing pins plates, the sears groups, the triple springs, the inner parts of the mainspring housings, the recoil springs and recoil springs rods, the magazine bodies and inner parts, the sights, the grips and grips screws and bushings are all interchangeable with a standard 1911. Additionally, the AF2011-A1 can be customized with either 2 independent triggers and one sear group or with 2 triggers permanently joined and the choice of 1 or 2 sear groups. As for choice of colors, it can be ordered in a mirror finish Deep Blue or with a 3400 Vickers surface hardness White Ash Nitrite coating.

Part of me wants to make fun of it, and part of me wants one really bad.



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3 Responses to “Double Barrel 1911?!?”

  1. John Denny says:

    I saw this over on SSD too. I’m still thinking this is not importable, but no one seems to know, or isn’t answering. Two shots with one trigger pull, unless the ATF is so confused by it they let this go. It’s not like a double bbl shotgun, it doesn’t appear that the barrels of the pistol can be fired independently.

  2. Grayson says:

    If you want one, Fanboy, then go get one. For one simple reason:

    There’s nothing else on the horizon that will, guaranteed, make people’s eyes all but pop out of their faces when they see it in operation – and maybe give stuck-up, reactionary, traditionalist shooters a good reason to foul their trousers badly enough to shut ’em up.

    Personally, I think it will give the local “Glock Mafia” (as I like to call them) a lovely, loud screaming heart attack.

    Incidentally, does anyone wanna give odds as to how long before we see this Frankenstein’s Fun Gun in an upcoming movie? 😀

  3. Grayson says:

    Just got off the phone with Buddy. Told him about this here frighteningly interesting gun. He says, (and I quote):
    “Forget the bloody movies. Just how long before one of those Double Super 1911s ends up being used and abused by some yoyo from Ninja Force 17, or whatever they’re calling themselves these days?”

    I’d all but forgotten about those *ahem* people!
    Which reminds me: no sign of a “Short Bus Ninja” patch…. yet.;D

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