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The .50 Cal Gatling: Getcha one of these.

Personally, I want to see one of these on a technical, driven by a bunch of mean, bearded sumbitches from Ft. Benning rocking their way through a hostile village in Pashtunistan. But that’s just me.

The GAU-19 Gatling .50 Cal is one serious piece of hardware which I thought I’d mention today in light of it’s renewed interest for Naval deployment. Many have never even heard of it or seen it deployed, which is a shame because this monster can lay down the hate.

Read the whole story at the Loadout Room.


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2 Responses to “The .50 Cal Gatling: Getcha one of these.”

  1. John Denny says:

    I have had the privilege, and it is nothing but amazing. They called it a GE 50Cal at the time.

  2. Ben G says:

    I’m now heading to yt to find a vid of it firing!

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