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Seal Team 6 With Zodiac CZ7 Custom LEGO Set

From Minifig World comes this awesome Seal Team 6 with Zodiac CZ7 custom LEGO set. Each minifig comes equipped with a SI-Dan Toys G1 Tactical Belt, G17 Glock Pistol, PT202 Helmet with ANVIS 9 Goggles and M08 Tactical Vest with the driver also having a LEGO beanie. The Zodiac CZ7 itself comes with 3 sets of flippers, 3 airtanks, 2 MP5SD6, 1 MP5K, 1 Mini Uzi, 1 Minigun, and 1 Mountable Combat LMG kit. Full-color instructions are included for the Zodiac CZ7. If only it weren’t already sold out.

Minifig World – Seal Team 6 with Zodiac CZ7

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One Response to “Seal Team 6 With Zodiac CZ7 Custom LEGO Set”

  1. Joey says:

    Sig P229 or 226, no Glocks. No Uzi, that basically is a toy. Like the MP5-PDW, The MP5-SD is one for the “Beret” crowd. Like the Mini Gun, oh do I like the Mini Gun.

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