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Intelligent Armour Lightweight Combat Belt + TFB Patches Giveaway


We’ve got five of UK-based Intelligent Armour’s Lightweight Combat Belts – featuring the Austrialpin one inch Cobra buckle – to giveaway in the following colors/camos and sizes:

Black – 28-34″

MultiCam – 28-34″

MultiCam – 42-46″

Coyote Tan – 28-34″

A-TACS – 36-40″

Additionally, the winners will also receive a Tactical Fanboy patch of their choosing:


Clockwise from top: Full Color, Desert, SWAT


– In the comments section of THIS article on TFB (and nowhere else) simply state which belt and color patch you want; comments about the site won’t increase your chances, but they are appreciated! Remember, post in comments section of THIS article on TFB. The winners will be randomly chosen based on their personal selection of belt.

– Contest ends at 1600 Zulu on Friday, September 27th. Comments will be closed when the deadline is reached.

– Use any nom de guerre you desire but use your real email address as we will use it to contact the winners to request your shipping address; one entry per email, please.

– Winners will be notified Monday, September 30th; unclaimed prizes will be redistributed.

– Void where prohibited.


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94 Responses to “Intelligent Armour Lightweight Combat Belt + TFB Patches Giveaway”

  1. Flim says:

    Multicam 42-46, full colour patch, please!

  2. Jay says:

    Coyote and Full Color please! Thanks!

  3. Steve says:

    Atacs and full color!

  4. Daybreak says:

    A-TACS – 36-40β€³

    Big money-Big money-no whammies——–STOP

  5. Jeremiah H says:

    Multicam– 28-34β€³ and Desert patch. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  6. Morgan says:

    ATACS 36-40 SWAT!

  7. OJ says:

    Multicam 28-34 and desert patch!

  8. Agent K says:

    Coyote tan and Desert.

  9. doctorrich says:

    Multicam 28-34″ and SWAT patch, please! Thank you πŸ™‚

  10. Or says:

    Coyote Tan – 28-34β€³ Belt – SO MY PANTS WON’T FALL
    And a Full Color TFB patch – TO IMPRESS ‘EM ALL

  11. Lucky says:

    Coyote Tan, because, I’m sick of the camo pattern issues, and coyote is what I have all my bags and body armor in

  12. Jimmy says:

    Coyote Tan – 28-34β€³ and Full Color TFB patch please!

  13. Tony Erseld says:

    Multicam 42-46

    And a patch!

  14. Matt H. says:

    Coyote Tan – 28-34β€³ and SWAT!

  15. Chris B says:

    Coyote Tan 28-34″, because the colour of the bush in Australia is brown!

  16. Andy says:

    Black and full color

  17. Kenny Powers says:

    Coyote Tan and Desert FTW!

  18. Johnny T says:

    Multicam fatboy size and the SWAT patch, please. Need a belt to run as a warbelt for my 3gun matches.

  19. Johnston says:

    ATACS and Desert Please!

  20. Jay says:

    Black – 28-34β€³, SWAT

    Been wearing my I.A belt daily and it makes my loo-time a lot quicker~!

  21. Geno says:

    Multicam 42-46 and the full colour patch !!!! TFB HOOAH !!!!

  22. Kevin says:

    Well, the only belt that’ll fit is the multi-cam 42-46″, so that’s the one for me. The SWAT patch will look great on my new BAC in wolf…

  23. JR says:

    Multicam 42-46, full colour patch, please!

  24. Top says:

    Lets go with A-Tacs and full color. Semper Fi

  25. EJ says:

    A-TACS and a full color patch to proudly display. Thank for the giveaway!

  26. Peter says:

    Multicam 28-34″ and the full color patch. RLTW

  27. BigFatPanda says:

    ATAC and Full Color

  28. EODdebauchery says:

    Coyote Tan and Full color

  29. Zero says:

    Multicam 28-34

    Full Color Patch!

  30. josh says:

    Swat color patch and I’ll rock the ATACS!

  31. Oscat says:

    Black 28-34″ and full color

  32. MG says:

    Multicam 28-34 with full colour patch. Why because Multicam is the new tan.

  33. Taylor says:

    Multicam 28-34 with desert patch

  34. James says:

    Black 28-34″ and SWAT pretty please!

  35. Jim says:

    Multicam 42-46 and full colour

  36. MDangers says:


  37. Nate Schott says:

    A-TACS and Desert! Thank you for the opportunity to participate! TFB!

  38. Memento says:

    Black 28-34, full colour. Stay AWESOME !!

  39. Patrick Hash says:

    ATACS and Full Color. great site

  40. otis says:

    Coyote Tan 28-34, Desert Patch

  41. Gary says:

    black and full color, thank!

  42. Jake the Snake says:

    A-TACS – 36-40β€³, Full Cover

  43. Jake the Snake says:

    Full COLOR!!, D-oh!

  44. steve says:

    coyote tan 28-34 and desert – thank you

  45. Josh says:

    Multicam – 28-34

    Full Color!

    Thanks and keep up the good site!

  46. Mark says:

    Black belt, Full color patch.

  47. MikeD says:

    Multi-cam 42-46, Full color patch.

    Thanks for the chance and the website!

  48. Chris says:

    MultiCam – 28-34β€³ and full color patch.

  49. larry says:

    Black or coyote tan belt size 28-34″ and any color on the tactical fanboy patch.

  50. Scott says:

    A-TACS & Full Color

  51. MatthewG says:

    Multicam – 28″ – 34″, Full Color Patch

    Thanks guys! Keep up the great work!

  52. Roberto says:

    Roberto Ontiveros
    Coyote Tan – 28-34″ – Desert

  53. Lukas says:

    Black 28-34 and Patch SWAT

  54. John B says:

    A-Tacs 36-40″, full color patch. Thanks.

  55. coops says:

    Ooooh can I have a full colour patch and mc 28-34 belt please

  56. DaRule 7.62 says:

    Coyote Tan and full color patch please, Thanks.

  57. 8upsoupsandwich says:

    Coyote tan belt and desert patch please. Thanks!

  58. chris says:

    MC 28-34, full color

  59. Tim says:

    Coyote Tan 28-34 and full color patch, please.

  60. sgtops says:

    Coyote 28-34, desert

  61. Caio says:

    Can I have tha A-tacs with the full collor.

  62. dv says:

    Coyote Tan – 28-34β€³ – Full Color Patch

  63. Dan says:

    Coyote tan 28-34 in, full color

  64. Mull says:

    A-TACS – 36-40β€³ – Full Color Patch

  65. Rogue says:

    ATACS. Full color.

  66. Nom de Guerre says:

    Belt: Multicam – 42-46″
    Patch: Full Color


  67. Dave says:

    Atacs belt and any color patch left ( there all awesome!)

  68. Ralph H says:

    Coyote Tan – 28-34β€³, SWAT Colored Patch

  69. specialKcereal says:

    Black – 28-34β€³, SWAT colored patch


  70. Rio says:

    Belt: MultiCam – 42-46β€³
    Patch: Desert

  71. Will says:

    Coyote Tan – 28-34β€³

    Full Color

    Any other way to get a patch?

  72. AZ Corporal says:

    I would love that coyote tan belt so I don’t have to hold my ACU pants up with the the floppy issue belt. The full color patch would be sick too.

  73. Tactical Soul says:

    MultiCam – 42-46β€³

    Full Color

  74. Ryan says:

    ATACS belt, 36-40; full color patch. I love this website, saved in my “Daily Reads” folder. Keep it up! Cheers!

  75. Corey says:

    MultiCam – 28-34β€³ & full color patch.

  76. Rob says:

    Black – 28-34β€³

    MC patch please.

    Yes, is there any other way to get the patch?

  77. Jerry says:

    Black Belt and SWAT Patch. Keep it up fanboy, awesome site

  78. EOD10 says:

    A-Tacs 36″ – 40″ Desert Patch.

    Love the site. Look at it daily.

    Fire in the Hole…

  79. JgJ says:

    Black – 28-34″
    Desert patch

  80. EODClass03180S says:

    Multicam 28-34, full color patch!

  81. vuudoo says:

    Coyote Tan – 28-34β€³
    Full color patch

  82. PFC Ober says:

    Coyote Tan – 28-34β€³ belt + desert patch Please! Love the site too, keep up the great work!

  83. That Guy says:

    Multicam 42 – 46″ and a full color patch please.

  84. James H says:

    Multicam 42-46 and Desert Patch would be my choice.

  85. broke but tacticool says:

    Coyote 28-34″ Black and white patch

  86. Joe says:

    I’d like the black belt and SWAT patch. Thanks!

  87. elChancellor says:

    Coyote 28-34β€³ and Desert Patch. Thank you!

  88. Adian says:

    ATACS and a SWAT patch would be awesome. Thanks for the giveaway!

  89. Alex says:

    Coyote Tan – 28-34β€³ so i can wear it with my uniform :]
    Full Color patch please.

  90. Javier Tapia says:

    MultiCam – 28-34β€³ – Full Colour!

  91. Travis says:

    Black 28-34 and SWAT. Going for that stealth look hahaha, great giveaway, thanks!

  92. Dustin says:

    looks really light weight, but still durable…would love to have one

    Belt MultiCam – 28-34β€³
    Patch – Full Color


  93. Edison says:

    Belt: Black 28-34″
    Patch: SWAT

    Thank you!

  94. Nick Hoover says:

    Belt: Coyote Tan, 28″-34″
    Patch: Desert