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VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools


The VSSL is a waterproof metal tube 8″ x 2″ made from milspec 6061 seamless extruded aluminum. Utilizing a high-powered LED light with a small form factor, the VSSL is essentially a flashlight with the extra handle space that once would be used to house the battery supply instead useable as a survival canister. The VSSL can either be purchased stand-alone, or ordered with one of three package configurations: Supplies, First Aid, and Shelter. The Supplies configuration, for example, features a vareity of survival tools, such as fire starters, fishing tackle, trail markers, and first aid, all bundled in individual tins custom fit to the VSSL.

Made in Canada. Orders are expected to begin shipping Fall 2014.



4 Responses to “VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools”

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  4. Dotty says:

    That’s really thinking at an imsevpsire level

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