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HasLab – Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Jabba’s Sail Barge (The Khetanna)

Crowdfunding has become so mainstream and ubiquitous that even larger companies have started to take advantage of it to offer unique and limited products to people willing to put money up to see those products realized. Such is the case with Hasbro and HasLab, “[their] new crowdsourcing platform that hopes to bring dream products into the hands of fans.” In this case, HasLab is being used to offer The Khetanna, Jabba the Hutt’s Sail Barge from ‘Return of the Jedi’, under the Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Line. The Khetanna as designed will come in at roughly 49″ long, 14.5″ wide, and 17″ tall, with a total weight of 13.89 lbs. It features a highly-detailed interior and exterior with soft cloth sails, and is sized for 3.75″ scale figures, and even comes with a Jabba the Hutt figure. The Khetanna will come in premium deco, vintage packaging, and a 64-page booklet detailing the design and development of both the actual film set piece and the toy itself will be offered to backers.

Under the HasLab campaign, they are requiring at least 5000 backers, each of whom have to pony up $500 to secure a barge and booklet for themselves. They’re definitely appealing to the serious collector market and nostalgia for this one.


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