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New Plano Ultra-Lite Bow Case Designed For Smaller Bows

Saturday, September 14th, 2013


Plano, IL (September 13, 2013) – Archers wanting to protect their equipment investments have looked to Plano® for durable, reliable and affordable solutions. As the leader in bow storage care, the company has built a new option designed specifically for smaller youth models or downsized adult styles of recurve and compound bows.

Plano’s new Ultra-Lite Bow Case, model 1108-00, was constructed with the same expertise and features found in their most popular full-size cases, including dense foam padding on the lid and base to secure the bow in place. Plano’s patented PillarLock system provides another level of strength with two strategically located crush-resistant support pillars.

The case has four yellow snap-on latches that provide tight and positive closure, and its molded handle affords comfort and carrying convenience.

The Ultra-Lite Bow Case’s exterior measures 40.625” x 14.125” x 3” and its inside dimensions measure 39.5” x 12.75” x 2.5”. The black case styled with yellow latches makes smaller bow storage look good.

For more information on the Ultra-Lite Bow Case and other Plano products made for hunting and shooting sports enthusiasts, visit www.planomolding.com.

Tenzing Carbon Fiber Pack System Carries The Load

Thursday, September 12th, 2013


Plano, IL (September 9, 2013) – The Tenzing product line was born by engineers thinking outside of the box of what had always been the norm for hunting packs. For 2013 they are at it again, but this time thinking outside of the frame. Proof comes in the form of the new Tenzing TZ CF13 Carbon Fiber Frame System.

It only takes a quick glance to realize that the TZ CF13 is something special, and then the “WOW” really comes when the frame is picked up. The carbon fiber frame and suspension together weigh only 3 pounds, 8 ounces, yet have been designed to be the most comfortable wearing pack frame system on the market capable and expandable to carry whatever the hunter can imagine. But that’s what the TZ CF13 is all about … versatility. It can be used as a frame only, or as a more traditional hunting pack when fitted with the Tenzing custom components that are included with the system.

Tenzing’s frame is constructed with 100-percent carbon fiber; it contains no fiberglass fillers. During the manufacturing process, the frame is pre-impregnated with aerospace grade resin, externally pressurized, and then heat cured to solidify its construction. Based upon field-tested requirements, it is built with a quasi-isotropic, balanced layup of 2×2 twill weave carbon fiber. This ensures the ideal strength-to-weight ratio. After curing, the solid composite frame is extracted from the mold and then handcrafted and precision-machined to exacting specifications, with all processes occurring right here in the USA.

The frame’s form-fitting rigid shape and fully adjustable suspension system are all about wearer comfort and hauling big loads. It has been designed to flex with movement of the hips as you walk, yet remain extremely rigid allowing the load to stay secure and tight against the body.

The TZ CF13 offers so many loading options with its amazing suspension system that it’s virtually impossible to calculate a maximum cubic inches capacity by which most packs are measured. Included with the system is a top that comes off and can be used as a fanny pack. Also, the pack has wings on each side that wrap around a 24” x 11.5” x 7” bag. On the frame is a bottom Dyneema shelf. Located inside the Dyneema shelf is a hunter orange pullout for use as a safety feature when packing horns. For even more packing options, the pack has six horizontal compression straps – three on the frame and three on the wings – and two vertical compression straps on the bottom reservoir. Last but not least, there are two removable hip pockets.

The pack system’s innovative new ergonomic waist belt rides where it is supposed to and adjusts easily with pulls on both sides for centering the load when buckling up. Elastic cuffs keep the straps quiet and secure while the wearer is moving.

The entire TZ CF13 system comes with everything listed above, weighs just under 6 pounds altogether and has the capability to carry payloads of more than 300 pounds.

The Tenzing TZ CF13 frame color is light gray, and the pack is Loden Green.

For more information about the TZ CF13 and all Tenzing products, visit www.TenzingOutdoors.com.

NRA Life Of Duty – 9/11 Tribute

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

September 11, 2001 began like any other day for New York City firefighter John Norman. But when an urgent “all call” message shook his home answering machine, he raced into a day he would never forget … the day terror stuck the twin towers at the World Trade Center. Norman led the rescue and recovery efforts at Ground Zero after the buildings’ collapse claimed the lives of most of the senior leadership above him. Struggling to control his personal grief to assume responsibility for the operation, Norman served his fellow citizens with honor.

Today we salute all of our selfless first responders who rushed into harm’s way twelve years, ago along with the brave men and women in uniform who have been fighting to defend our home security every since. May we never forget the lives lost that dark September morning and may we never forget the cost of freedom.

Watch John’s story here: nralifeofduty.tv/patriot-profiles/video/trial-by-fire-part-ii

Rock Island Armory Introduces Sleek New Look For Legendary 1911’s

Monday, September 9th, 2013


Pahrump, NV – Rock Island Armory, the world’s largest seller of 1911 pistols, has introduced a new look for their entire line of popular handguns. Guided by customer feedback and a shift to provide a more streamlined look, Rock Island Armory has moved their logo from the side of the slide to the back of the slide displaying the distinctive Rock Island Armory logo. The company is now shipping all 1911 pistols with the new look.

“Two of the things that are important to us are staying true to the legendary standard platform of the 1911 and the second is listening to our customers,” said Martin Tuason, President of Rock Island Armory. “We were ready to refresh the look of our pistols and we heard a lot of feedback that the subtle change to a smaller logo at the back of the slide would give our 1911’s a more distinctive and streamlined look.”

The new visual change to the company’s 1911 pistols follows on the heels of the addition of rubber grips to the 1911 Tactical Series. Rock Island Armory’s global lineup of 1911 pistols includes the GI, Tactical, 2011 Tactical, Match, MAP/MAPP and the company’s revolutionary TCM series.


K-Var Announces SHOT Showoff Monthly Video Contest Series

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

(LAS VEGAS) – K-VAR Corp. will have a special guest at the industry’s upcoming and biggest gathering known as the SHOT Show, or Shooting, Hunting & Outdoor Trade Show and convention. The guest selected will be one of the top winners from the company’s monthly “SHOT Showoff” video contest series announced today.

This new, ongoing contest follows the success of the company’s “What’s Your Story” video contest that just awarded gift card prizes for the best videos. Each month, from September through December, K-VAR will be awarding a $500, $300 and $100 company gift card for the respective 1st, 2nd and 3rd place video winners during the SHOT Showoff contest. The 1st place videos from each month will then go to a public vote to determine the best. The contestant behind the best winning video will become K-VAR’s SHOT Showoff and be invited to attend the convention.

This new contest runs in conjunction with K-VAR’s ongoing 20th year in business celebration allowing the company to create another avenue to more deeply connect with its most loyal customers. K-VAR will use the video submissions to both promote its current products and make changes to others based on customer preference.

The SHOT Showoff contest will give participants nearly full creative control in showcasing either a K-VAR or Arsenal, Inc product. Some suggestion ideas for video submissions may include, but are not limited to:

-Product Reviews
-First Impression of New Items
-2nd Amendment
-Competitive Shooting
-Comedy & Humor
-Arsenal vs. AR Platform

A list of official rules is posted on the K-VAR website at www.k-var.com. In addition to the three top monthly gift card prizes awarded, anyone who submits a video entry will be given a complementary Arsenal Inc. t-shirt bearing the company’s brand new slogan. Arsenal Inc. will announce the new slogan soon.

Plano Hunting – Parallel Limb Bow Case, Model 1144

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Parallel Limb Bow Case

Plano, IL (September 5, 2013) – Today’s modern compound bows come in just about every size and shape imaginable, often making it as difficult to choose the right bow case to fit your new bow as it was to pick out the perfect bow itself. Solving the bow case dilemma is Plano, the longtime outdoor gear storage experts introducing the Plano Parallel Limb Bow Case, model 1144.

The new Plano case is rectangular and measures 43” x 17” x 9.5”, making it a good shape and size for conveniently storing in a variety of spaces ranging from a bedroom closet to the back of a vehicle. From there, features just continue to get even better.

Since Plano is the industry leader in plastic injection, you know the product is built to last in its USA manufacturing facility. And the case’s latches are of the cam-action type that close and secure the lid tightly, with two in the front and one on each side. A proven O-ring seal is located around the full perimeter of the case and resists water and dust entry.

With an interior depth of 7”, the case is deep enough to accommodate many bows with quivers and arrows. The bow is held in place by positioning the three nylon tie wraps included to any of a number of locations for securement.

The real flexibility of the model 1144 comes in the ability to position Plano’s patented crush-proof PillarLock system supports as needed to fit whatever bow is in the case. The peg-and-hole design of both the interior lid and bottom allows placement of the two movable pillars so that top and bottom pieces of each are seated together to form a rigid support structure upon closing the case. Dense pluck foam accommodates pillar placement.

Two other items also come with the case: a six-arrow holder that attaches to the inside of the lid, and a Plano model 1309 archery utility box that is ideal for carrying nocks, field points, string wax and other accessories inside the bow case.

The new Plano Parallel Limb Bow Case is stylish in its black construction with yellow latches and a yellow comfort-grip carrying handle.


20 Years Covering Combat – Goran Tomasevic

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

NASA Helicopter Drop Test

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

Star Wars Starship Minimalist Posters

Sunday, September 1st, 2013


Deviant Art member Thong Le AKA WeaponIX designed a series of minimalist informational starship posters featuring ships from the Star Wars universe.


Suunto – Product Recall For High Pressure Rubber Hoses

Friday, August 30th, 2013


A limited batch of the high pressure rubber hoses used with Suunto air integrated dive computers, dive computer combos and analog combos has unfortunately been identified to have defective hose material which may impact the durability of the hose. This defect may cause the high pressure rubber hose to leak or rupture leading to loss of breathing gas at higher than anticipated rate which may result in severe injury or death.

Identification of the affected high pressure rubber hoses:

-Black rubber outer covering on hose
-Marked with text 5000 PSIG PRESSURE TESTED – MADE IN USA
-Hose diameter approx 12,5 mm (1/2 inch) and length approx 84 cm (33 inch)
-Manufacturing batch code 1812 printed

This recall applies only to the specific 1812 batch of the high pressure rubber hoses.
Other high pressure rubber hoses are not impacted and need not to be replaced.

The following products may be affected:

Cobra, Cobra 3, SM-36 pressure gauge and gauge combos, as well as Vyper and Zoop when purchased as combo products. More information and a complete list of product codes can be found at www.suunto.com/recall.

To date, there have been no known injuries related to this issue. It is, however, mandatory that all affected products are returned for a hose change.


1. Investigate your product immediately.
2. If the hose of your product has the above mentioned code 1812 in it, use of the product is prohibited until the hose has been replaced.
3. Return the product to your nearest Suunto Dive Authorized Dealer or Suunto Authorized Service Center for a hose change at no cost. In US and EU countries you can also use Suunto Online Service Request (www.suunto.com/servicerequest) to get your product picked up for the hose change.

Suunto apologizes for the inconvenience and thanks you for your co-operation.

Point Blank Project

Friday, August 23rd, 2013

Point Blank

The Point Blank Project is a ongoing photography series by Peter Andrew, Simon Duffy, and Derek Blais. The series shows photos of handguns from around the world in an extreme detail, portrait style.


Hat Tip: Feature Shoot

Hasbro Teams Up With Theodolite For NERF N-Strike Elite Tactical App

Monday, August 19th, 2013

Nerf Mission App

Williamsburg, Virginia – Hunter Research and Technology is pleased to announce it’s latest client app project, the Nerf Mission App, developed in partnership with Hasbro, Inc. The Nerf Mission App works with the new Nerf N-Strike Elite Tactical Rail Mount Accessory and turns an N-Strike Elite blaster into a full battle cam with heads up display, compass, inclinometer, and rangefinder. The app lets users record photos and videos, track their arsenal, learn about hand signals used to communicate with a squad, and plan out different missions for multiplayer Nerf battles.

The Nerf Mission App is based on the Theodolite Augmented Reality Navigation app developed by Hunter Research and Technology. This game-changing app defined a new standard for augmented reality navigation when it debuted in 2009, and has been a #1 selling navigation app in iTunes stores around the world. Theodolite works as a heads up display with compass, GPS, map, zoom photo/movie camera, rangefinder, tracker, and two-axis inclinometer. Uses are endless, and Theodolite is great for outdoor sports, hiking, boating, hunting, golf, sightseeing, photography, home projects, and navigation. The app has professional grade features for advanced measurement, observation, and data acquisition, and is used in the field on the job every day by military personnel, first responders, search and rescue workers, surveyors, geologists, architects, engineers, and competitive sportsmen around the world.

Theodolite lets users take geo-stamped camera images, screenshots, movies, and HUD-based screen movies directly from the app. The app includes features like a navigation calculator, map with live markers, team tracking, data logging, KML export, percent grade display, mil compass readout, optical rangefinders (including a mil-based reticle and sniper-style stadiametric graphs), and colored lens filters to improve use in dark conditions and preserve night vision. Theodolite supports over a dozen position formats, and offers an optional World Geodetic Datum Pack with over 220 geodetic datums covering regions and countries on all continents around the world.

“We’re pleased to take Theodolite’s powerful augmented reality technology in a fun and exciting new direction,” said Dr. Craig Hunter, principal and lead developer at Hunter Research and Technology. “Theodolite has a strong customer base of professionals, outdoor enthusiasts, and high-tech gadget nerds, and the Nerf Mission App brings a whole new group of more playful and younger users into the fold.”

The Nerf Mission App is available for free from the iTunes App Store, and works with most iPhone and iPod touch devices running iOS 5.0 or later (iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, and 5 are supported, as well as 4th- and 5th-generation iPod touch). The Nerf N-Strike Elite Tactical Rail Mount Accessory is for ages 8 and up, and sold separately. See www.nerf.com for more information and a list of retailers.

Theodolite and Theodolite HD are available on the iTunes App Store for a 20%-off summer sale price of $3.99 USD. Theodolite runs on any camera-equipped iPhone or iPod touch. Theodolite HD runs on any camera-equipped iPad or iPad Mini. More information, including screenshots, is available on the Hunter Research and Technology website at www.hrtapps.com/theodolite.


Nerf Mission App on iTunes

Theodolite 3.2 on iTunes (iPhone and iPod touch)

Theodolite HD 3.2 on iTunes (iPad and iPad mini)

Hunter Research and Technology is run by Dr. Craig Hunter, a practicing engineer with over 20 years of experience in engineering and software development. Dr. Hunter received the 2004 NASA Software of the Year Award and a 2004 Apple Design Award (Best Scientific Computing Solution on Mac OS X) for his work in software development. He founded Hunter Research and Technology in 2008 to create innovative apps that leverage the advanced hardware and software capabilities of iOS devices and Macs. The company has numerous apps available on the iTunes App Store, and develops apps for a range of clients worldwide. Copyright (C) 2013 Hunter Research and Technology. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Macintosh, iTunes, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and iPad mini are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Nerf, N-Strike Elite, and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro, Inc.


Monday, August 12th, 2013


ShelterBox is a charitable organization that offers proper shelter and other essential items to disaster stricken areas. Each ShelterBox shelter kit comes with a rugged dome tent modeled after a typical African bush hut, which comes with built-in mosquito screens, integral groundsheets, good ventilation, and internal privacy screens; thermal blankets are also included in the kit. A wood-burning or multi-fuel stove, pans, utensils, mugs, water storage containers, and water purification equipment are a part of the kit, as is a basic tool kit with items such as a hammer, ax, saw, hoe head, rope, pliers, and wire cutters. Finally, ShelterBox also provides children’s packs containing drawing books, crayons, and pens.


The Bounty Hunter Code: From The Files Of Boba Fett

Sunday, July 28th, 2013

Seems to be missing a chapter on how not to fall into a Sarlacc pit

The Bounty Hunter Code: From The Files of Boba Fett is an in-universe manual that describes the aspects of being a bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe. Included with the deluxe edition is the 48-page memoirs of Cradossk, former head of the Bounty Hunters Guild, a Kamino saberdart, Boba’s own captain’s license and arms permit, Slave I’s official operating license, a Han Solo Imperial wanted poster, and an inventory slip from the Rebel Alliance forces who discovered and seized the property. As a neat feature, the case is interactive and requires button presses and the insertion of a data card to access the book within.

You can pre-order from Amazon.com here.

Sabine Pearlman – Cartridge Cross-Sections

Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

Cartridge Cross Section

Photographer Sabine Pearlman photographed over 900 cross-sections of various cartridges, with a small sampling available as a portfolio on her site. From left to right, the cartridges featured above are a 7.62x51mm plastic short-range training tracer, 7.92mm Mauser, and 6.5x55mm wood bullet blank. The cartridges were photographed in a Swiss WWII bunker in October 2012.

pearlmanphotography.com – Ammo Portfolio

Arsenal Ending Production Of SLR-106 Series Rifles

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013


Arsenal is ending production of the SLR-106 series. The SLR-106 series is an AK-style rifle chambered for 5.56x45mm with variants available with or without folding stock and in pistol form. Current stock will continue to be sold until supplies run out.


The Cost Of Being Iron Man

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013


MoneySupermarket has released an updated infographic detailing the cost of being Iron Man in anticipation for the upcoming ‘Iron Man 3’. Taken into account is his expanded armory of suits, the cost to rebuild his home, his collection of cars, and his super computer. It all comes out to just north of 10 billion dollars; being a super hero just isn’t a poor man’s game, unless your Peter Parker, of course.


Military Women In Combat – NMATV

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

Yeah, posting this video is about a month too late to be completely topical, but Taiwan-based Next Media Animation’s take on just about anything is good for a quick laugh.

North Korea Uses Music From ‘Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion’ For Propaganda

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

North Korea has, for the second time recently, released a propaganda video that steals assets from a popular Western-developed video game, this time music from ‘Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion’. The first instance of this was an earlier video that featured footage of a war-torn New York City that was clearly taken from ‘Modern Warfare 3’. The video was taken down from YouTube due to a copyright violation, but it’s still embedded on Kotaku for those who are curious.

First Spear Media Range Day

Monday, January 14th, 2013

First Spear, along with Renegade Armor, Wilcox, and Aimpoint, sponsored a media range day at the Las Vegas metropolitan police department firing range. Three ranges were set up, with the first two featuring rifles by H&K and LMT, and pistols by Nighthawk Custom and SIG Sauer. The third range featured something a bit more exotic: rifles by FERFRANS, who are known for their Delayed Sear Activation System. This system made the 7.5″ 5.56 SCW PDW very controllable when fired in full-auto. It’s also very likely this system was responsible for reducing the felt recoil of the 7.62 SOACR near 5.56 levels. Wilcox also had demonstrations of their breaching torch technology; seeing the torch used to melt through rebar as quickly as it did was impressive. Overall, it was a great media day that offered the chance to try out some truly fantastic firearms.

FPSRussia’s Manager Found Dead

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Keith Ratliff, manager of Kyle Myers AKA Dmitri Potapoff of FPSRussia, was found dead yesterday with a single gunshot to the head. Although currently being treated as a homicide, the details surrounding Ratliff’s death are being investigated. Besides being FPSRussia’s manager, Keith Ratliff also held the FFL that allowed the popular YouTube personality access to the firearms he used in his videos.

Hat Tip: http://libertyandsuch.com/manager-of-fpsrussia-found-murdered/

Daniel Defense Partners With National Firearm Finance

Monday, December 10th, 2012

Daniel Defense has partnered with National Firearm Finance to provide financing for Daniel Defense LE Packages for active-duty law enforcement agents. The terms and conditions of the loan would depend on the law enforcement agent’s personal credit history, although rates start as low as 6.78%. Under this financing plan, the three Daniel Defense LE packages offered are the Special Services package, Lightweight package, and Patrol Rifle package, each of which include an Aimpoint PRO, Blue Force Gear VCAS Sling, and three (3) Magpul PMAGs. Further details on the packages and financing can be found at www.danieldefense.com and www.firearmfinance.com.

The Stopped Dead – A ‘The Walking Dead’ Infographic

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

Richard Johnson and Andrew Barr of ‘The National Post’ created this infographic that details all the on-screen carnage against zombies in the AMC series ‘The Walking Dead’, split up between seasons, characters, and tools of use. Click to enlarge.

The National Post – Stopping The Dead

The Ultimate Survival Gun?

Friday, November 16th, 2012

This is an attempt by ‘Petersen’s Hunting’, a hunting publication based under Intermedia Outdoors, to create the ultimate, most versatile survival firearm possible. They started with a Stoeger’s Double Defense as a base, then added modifications which include: drilled holes in the stock to accommodate spare gun parts, accessories, and chamber inserts for the use of multiple shotshells and calibers of amunition, inserting a compass into the stock, a fire steel inlaid into the forearm, a micro tool held in the forend with a magnet, replacement iron sights, a laser/light combo, red dot sight, and stock mounted cartridge sling and cheek pad/pouch.

Petersen’s Hunting – Is This The Ultimate Survival Gun?

bebionic Prosthetic hand

Monday, November 12th, 2012

The bebionic prosthetic hand is the most advanced myoelectric hand commercially available today. It’s constructed with carbon fiber with the knuckles composed of an aluminum alloy. The bebionic is capable of 14 separate grip patterns which allow for activities such as eating, opening doors, and typing.