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The Next Iteration of Combat Armor

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Special thanks 1MOA Solutions for bringing this ballistic upgrade to our attention. Rumors that Kolt Raynor could kick Mandalore the Preserver‘s ass are unconfirmed, but highly probable.

“The announcement that the Army is planning to issue Soldiers “Kevlar Underpants” lead to some comments concerning how far the military will go to armor dismounted troops. We’ve already seen the infamous DAPS and “nut flap” and I say that’s skip all that BS and do it right. Mandalorian armor for everyone. Yeah, that’s right…Boba Fett style. I’ve got mine already!” -Adam

The Mandalorians wear the finest armor blood can buy.” Count Dooku

Tactical Fanboy: Mandalorian Armor in the field with ODA 501



There’s still time at 1MOA…

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

As you’re aware, we’ve been doing the 12 Days of Tactical Christmas along with Soldier Systems Daily and the BOLO Report (today was Day #9, in case you’re not paying attention). There are others out there though, like the bad ass Dalton Fury “Kolt Racer Raynor” prize package, but that’s already done. You know what you can still get in on though? The 1MOA Solutions 1047 giveaway. According to the Mad Duo, it’s still open (though not much longer). Better get your ass moving and get the pictures submitted. Hell, some of you (especially you grunts) can probably do something really epic despite the lateness (and darkness) of the hour.

Better get to it.

1MOA Solutions: great training, great gear, great giveaway

Tactical Fanboy: You've got just a little time left to get in on the 1MAO 1047 Contest!