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Call Of Duty: Black Ops IIII Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

Friday, May 18th, 2018

In an attempt to keep up with popular trends, this year’s CoD is featuring a battle royale-style gamemode called Blackout, where a bunch of players hunt each other down on a massive map (look up PBUG or Fortnite videos for a general idea on how this concept works). The standard multiplayer elements do seem to be returning, however they’re completely omitting the traditional single player campaign for this one. Like most who have played CoD games in the past, I’ve spent way more time in MP than playing the campaign, but it still feels kinda wrong they’re omitting a story mode from a mainline release.

It’ll still do huge sales numbers, because it’s Call of Duty.

Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII releases on October 12, 2018.

SDCC 2015 – Dark Horse Comics – Black Ops III Comic

Monday, July 13th, 2015


Dark Horse is doing a Black Ops III prequel comic.


They were giving away a free preview at the show. It’s pretty interesting: the special operatives talk in a weird future slang, and new yen is a currency (Shadowrun, much?). I’m curious to see how the full comic pans out when it gets released later this year.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Reveal Trailer

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Hey, remember when this series was based on actual conflicts?

Modern Warfare 3 Breaking Sales Records

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Despite widespread conversation that the new Battlefield 3 was superior to the new Modern Warfare 3 (this isn’t to open up an argument, just going with the preponderance of input we’ve received), Activision Publishing announced on Friday that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has set an all-time sales record. How much? An estimated 6.5 million copies sold in North America and the United Kingdom alone. It also registered more than $400 million in sales. This is the third consecutive day-one launch record for the company, following the releases of Call of Duty: Black Ops ($360 million) and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 ($310 million). Read on for more.

Call Of Duty XP – Zipline Safety

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

I love how Activision feels it appropriate to release a video on ziplines at the Call of Duty XP event, considering the majority won’t be attending in the first place. At least they got Jen Taylor (best known for her role as Cortana in the Halo franchise) to voice the safety procedures. The history of ziplines in the CoD series is a nice touch.

Call of Duty XP is an event taking place September 2nd & 3rd in Los Angeles, California. Besides the MW3 multiplayer reveal, there will also be a $1 Million CoD tournament and other live events.


CoD: Black Ops – Zombie Labs Trailer

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Equal parts funny and violent, this trailer for the upcoming ‘Rezurection’ DLC Pack for CoD: Black Ops shows the work the researchers at the zombie labs undertake to understand and better combat the moon zombie menace. ‘Rezurection’ includes the 4 original World At War zombies maps in addition to ‘Moon’, as well as the zombies soundtrack and a premium zombies dashboard theme. As a nice bonus, if you already have the original maps through the hardened/prestige edition of Black Ops, you get this content pack for free. Score!

‘Rezurection’ drops August 28th on Xbox Live for 1200 Microsoft points ($15)

I Stand Corrected: It’s ‘Annihilation’, Not ‘Retaliation’. My Bad.

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Nobody called me out on this yet, so I figured I would before anyone had the chance. I blame the bad source I used. 😛

Anyway, Black Ops Content Pack 3, titled Annihilation, will be released June 28th exclusively on Xbox Live (for a month, or so). It features 4 new MP maps and a new Zombie Map, and will cost $15. Fans are rejoicing, haters are hating, and I’m still left going ‘meh’. After seeing that Zombie footage, I think I’ll skip it, and instead let the Youtube masses discover every secret for me.

Another Black Ops Map Pack, Another $15

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

For Call of Duty: Black Ops, this situation seems oddly familiar: info in the form of an ad is leaked that details the name of the new content pack and the titles of the maps featured within. The only difference with last time is A) the image is out of focus, and B) the title of the zombie map is unknown, due to said lack of focus. What we do know is the pack is titled ‘Retaliation’ and features 4 brand new MP maps: Hangar 18, Hazard, Drive-In, and Silo. According to the user on the Black Ops form who posted the image, the pack will be released June 28th. This, like the other packs, will be exclusive to Xbox Live for a limited period.

I’ll get it, but only to see where they could possibly take Zombies next. How can they top playing as Freddy Kruger, Machete, Buffy, and Merle Dixon?

Charlie Sheen WINNING at Call of Duty: Black Ops

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

By now, Charlie Sheen’s epic [drug and booze fueled] rants about how incredible he is are far from current events. Still, they match up perfectly with online gameplay from Black Ops, since it’s not uncommon to hear trash talk of this magnitude from the various randoms met in open lobbies. Awesomely funny stuff.

Call Of Duty Elite

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Introducing Call of Duty Elite, an innovative new online service that significantly enhances the Call of Duty franchise’s multiplayer experience delivering a new level of social engagement to players worldwide. Connect. Compete. Improve.

Honestly, I see both positives and negatives with this service. The positives: stat tracking, detailed weapons bios, clan formation, leagues and operations, the program guide, expanded theater, and being able to potentially access it from my iPad and other mobile devices. It all looks pretty sweet. The negative: having to pay for additional services. That ain’t sweet. At least there’s the tiniest peak at MW3 at the end of the video. And hey, they’re offering a chance to get into the closed beta for the service right now, so go and sign up.

Call of Duty Elite

Call Of The Dead Reveal Trailer

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

I knew this map was going to be something special as soon as I heard ‘Funky Fanfare’ playing during the beginning along with the overall grindhouse-style of the trailer. Although Black Ops is no stranger to using real people as playable characters in Zombies [See ‘Five’] having such well-known horror personalities as Danny Trejo, Robert Englund, and “the godfather of all zombies” himself, George A. Romero (as a boss character) really sets a new standard of awesomeness. This is definitely a day-one purchase for me.

Escalation comes out May 3rd for XBOX Live.

CoD: Black Ops Escalation Preview

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Here’s a preview of the second Black Ops map pack, titled ‘Escalation’. Once again, they screw us on any footage from the zombies map. Doesn’t Treyarch know the only real reason people buy these packs is for that very purpose? In any event, the maps do look pretty cool, although they continue to do that whole alternate-history thing with some of the maps, like convoy, which features an American convoy in the States that was ambushed by Soviet forces. I can’t decide if that really makes any sense, even taking into account the game’s fiction.

Escalation comes out May 3rd, exclusively [for a period] for Xbox Live. The PS3 will most likely follow one month later, followed by who-knows-when for the PC. Wii owners are, as always, completely shafted.

Escalation Officially Announced

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Escalation Announcement

Callofduty.com has officially announced the second content pack for Black Ops. Titled Escalation, it features four new MP maps and an “epic” zombie map. Not that I didn’t already post this, but now instead of being leaked info, it’s official.

No pricing, but it’ll most likely be $15, because Activision knows they can get away with that price. And they’re right: I’ve been bored with Black Ops for ages now, alternating back to CoD4 and MW2 instead, and I’ll still buy this pack; it’s all about the zombies. Black Ops Content Pack 2 ‘Escalation’ comes out May 3rd, exclusively for Xbox Live. It’ll probably be out a month later on Playstation Network, followed by taking forever to appear on the PC.

Black Ops: Escalation

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

This leaked add for the second Black Ops map pack reveals a few things. First, it seems the map pack’s title is Escalation. Second, it seems that four new MP maps are included and are titled Zoo, Hotel, Convoy, and Stockpile. Not very imaginative if you ask me, but maybe we’ll be able to toss unfortunate victims into the gator pit. Third, the zombie map will be called ‘Call Of The Dead’ ‘Survive’ ‘Call Of The Dead’. The pack is slated for May 3rd, according to the ad, and will be released on Xbox Live first. Of course all this is subject to change, although the ad does look legit. I think I’ll still be playing MW2.

Weapons I’d Like To See In Modern Warfare 3 A.K.A. Please Don’t Pull A Black Ops Again.

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Ever since the Call of Duty series went ‘modern’ there has been an increase in firearms that just don’t belong in the game and/or are being used by the wrong forces. It started simply with the MP44 being featured in multiplayer that takes place in 2011, along with Ultranationalists having access to MP5s (CoD4), and has spiraled into rifles like the FAMAS being used by Russian forces in both 1968 (Black Ops. lolwut?) and 2016 (MW2). While I can’t claim what other firearms Russia might integrate into their arsenal in the future, I think it’s safe to assume they won’t be using French guns. Or TAR 21s. Or Striker shotguns. Or… I’ll shut up now.

The point is it wouldn’t hurt for the devs to do a little research into what weapons specific forces would actually use, instead of replacing accuracy with the rule of cool. What follows is a list of guns I want to see in the next CoD game, provided it’s actually MW3. If it’s not, and instead ‘CoD: It’s In Space and Totally Ain’t Halo’ is the next title, I better see a Gauss Rifle, dangnabit!


H&K’s answer to the FN P90. A damn cool weapon, it fires the armor piercing 4.6x30mm cartridge from either a 20, 30, or 40 round magazine. It’s practically a firearm that combines all the best aspects of both a SMG and AR into one beautiful package. Ever since I used it in Medal of Honor multiplayer I always wondered how grossly overpowered it could be in CoD. Maybe we’ll see it, maybe we won’t. But I sure hope we do.


AK-47s and Russia go together like peanut butter and chocolate. We get it. But believe it or not, there’s more to the AK family than just the classic 7.62×39 spewing death-dealer. Now I’ll admit there was also a Middle Eastern militia in both Modern Warfare games, and they most definitely would be using AK-47s (and other variants), but the Russian forces themselves? Not likely. There’s also the AK-100 series rifles to consider, and since the games do take place in the near future, I could see them having widespread use. Anyway, it would just be more accurate to see an AK-74M in the hands of a modern Russian infantryman, and not an F2000. That’s all I’m saying.

XM-25 Grenade Launcher

25mm, airbursting, high-explosive, pre-programable grenades. This thing practically screams overpowered, doesn’t it? Already in deployment in Afghanistan, it’s seen incredible success, ending engagements almost as soon as they begin. Plus, I’m sure they could find a way to balance it in-game. After all, they’ve managed to make guns less impressive than they are in real life. I’m looking at you, AA-12.

That’s just a small sample of what I’d like to see, especially since this article’s getting a bit longer than I originally intended. But you get the general idea: keep what makes sense, dispose of the rest and replace them with something else; something period appropriate. Hell, it wouldn’t hurt to have two AK variants in the same game. Bad Company 2 did it with the AN-94 Abakan and AEK-971 Vintovka, after all. And I’d also like to hear what you want to see in the next CoD game. Or how you feel about how inaccurate the weaponry has been in the current CoD games. Game developers say they read stuff like this, after all.