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Panacea X – The ‘Zombie X’ Chainsaw Bayonet

Thursday, November 9th, 2017

USA Today showed their ass again, this time with an infographic-style animation of the “Texas Church Gunman’s AR-15 Style Rifle”. Starting off with a “What we know about the Ruger AR-556”, as if they’re performing a revealing expose on previously unknown information (including music that sounds like the mission planning BGM of a Tom Clancy video game), they go over the basic features of the rifle, including its telescoping stock, standard-capacity magazine, and iron sights. It’s when they get into the list of aftermarket modifications, however, that the hilarity really starts to show:

Yup, a ‘Chainsaw bayonet’. Now, to their credit, they did say some of these accessories are “rare” (like that masterkey they also showed), but this? C’mon, could they be any more baity if they tried?*

Granted, the thing does exist: a company called Panacea X makes them, and to my discredit, there was one floating around SHOT Show, and I totally missed it while walking around. Anyway, dubbed the ‘Zombie X Chainsaw’, it’s a Picatinny-mountable chainsaw available in multiple color configurations. Each Zombie X is lovingly crafted right here in the USA, and features an aluminum grip, chassis, and rail mount, and can function as a standalone chainsaw when not mounted to a scary black rifle. Plus, it comes with the following accessories and goodies: battery, charger, t-shirt, bumper sticker, and free CONUS shipping.


*Of course, that’s really the goal, and I’m one of many, many people and outlets writing about it, so, mission accomplished!


Friday, March 16th, 2012

Looking for an ambi-selector for your AR? Battle Arms Development several ambidextrous selector variants, with five lever options. All are CNC machined ambidextrous selector and levers, with included KNS Precision selector detent. BADASS: Battlefield Arms Development Ambidextrous Safety Selector. They’re for AR15s and the like, and will shortly be available for the MP15-22.

“MP15-22 has a reversible selector, but reversible isn’t ambidextrous. Soon 15-22 owners can outfit their 15-22s like their high powered cousins and train with similar controls,” says BAD.

Note: currently non-dovetailed selectors are back ordered, but only for a few days. They do have the dovetailed, BAD-CASS-SA (Combat Ambidextrous Safety Selector, Semi Auto) in stock and available. Also, since mid-February, all selectors have shipped with two extra screws and an extra selector detent spring. If you’re like me, that’s good news, I can’t hang on to a damn thing smaller than a bowling ball for any length of time.

Battle Arms Development is on Facebook and of course has a homepage.