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A Simple, Accurate Bullet Counter

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

When shooting a firearm, it’s sometimes difficult to remember exactly how many rounds are left in your magazine. And while bullet counters aren’t a new concept, what has been produced is mostly limited to military use. However, Michael Ciuffo has created a simple to use and more importantly accurate bullet counter. As you can see from the video, it attaches to the standard Picatinny rail system. It works by picking up the recoil of each shot, and can be adjusted for sensitivity, from a few to 50 Gs of force. Although the counter is pre-set at 30 rounds, it can be adjusted for more or less, dependent on the size of your magazine. The display also flashes when you’ve run dry, and one of the more useful features is if you perform a reload and a round is still in the chamber, pressing the reset button will add +1 to your original count. Finally, the power source is simple: it runs on 2 AA batteries.

This is a very cool product, and it’s definitely on my list of ‘must-haves’. Luckily, because of the large demand for the counters Michael Ciuffo is entering production with them. To receive the newsletter which will detail their eventual release, message him on Youtube with your e-mail address in the body. Also, it’s worth note that these counters are not intended for use in combat situations, but from what I understand the device is sturdy enough that it could handle such conditions.