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The New F.A.B. Gradus Pistol Grip Offers Exceptional Control

Sunday, February 9th, 2020

Northbrook, IL (Feb. 4, 2020) – The Gradus is a revolutionary pistol grip with exceptional attention to detail and an incredibly durable design. It uses an ergonomic model that increases grip strength, control, and overall comfort. Made for long-range and close contact accuracy, the Gradus is versatile and mission-ready.

The grip uses a relatively straight profile with a 15-degree reduced grip angle that increases stability while creating excellent grip security. The design is slim, with a curved back strap that significantly improves comfort. It even comes with the option for a beavertail or flat configuration design.

The Gradus is constructed from a reinforced polymer core that delivers incredible durability. The textured rubber over-mold adds an additional layer of security while providing an outstanding grip for shooters. The combination of materials provides pressure relief by equally distributing force placed on the grip. The level of control increases as a direct result of the materials used and the ergonomic design.

The Gradus pistol grip is available in Black, Olive Drab Green or Flat Dark Earth. The MSRP pricing is set at an affordable $28, making the grip available for a large market. The Gradus has a beautiful design that performs at the highest levels. It’s made to last while delivering a stable and comfortable grip at any range.


FAB Defense – UTA 19

Monday, June 1st, 2015


FAB Defense’s UTA 19 is an accessory for the Glock 19 which allows the user to mount their pistol underneath their primary firearm, for a “unified, tactically-enhanced, dual weapon system.”

It mounts to an underside Picatinny rail, allowing the Glock to function as a backup weapon and forward grip. An included charging handle mount replaces the Glock slide cover plate, allows for the pistol to be charged while mounted beneath the weapon.

Yo, Dawg...


SHOT Show 2014 – FAB Defense

Thursday, January 16th, 2014


This is the Pentagon Magazine Coupler. Designed to work with the 10-round Ultimag, this device not only facilitates quicker mag reloads and offers a total capacity of 50 rounds, but also can function as an impromptu bipod and/or rifle stand.

At the very least, it’s a novel idea.